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Easter 2019…

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First we begin with  a list of Easter candy,  ranked from best to worst by PureWow.   I seldom eat candy any more,  but I don’t have a major quibble with the rankings.

Once again I lack an invitation to the White House Egg Roll,  but I’m sure the 30,000 or so guests won’t miss me a bit on Monday.    But I’m getting a close up sneak peek at the 2019 Commemorative Egg which will be presented to the First Lady.   If you’re not familiar with the art of quilling,  it involves tiny strips of rolled up paper,  fine motor control,  some artistic talent, and a whole bunch of patience.  This year’s egg is quite beautiful,  as you can  see here,  and I hope the weather is perfect.   If by some chance any of the 7,000 eggs aren’t claimed,  they will be taken to local food banks.

NOTE:  I’ll be adding to this post throughout the day, as there are generally some fine photos or statements to share, so check back.   In the meantime,  a  Blessed Easter  to you all.   As usual,  terrorism  has not taken a holiday.

UPDATE:  If you don’t quite understand the mission of Jesus,  Trevor Thomas makes it clear  in this piece.   Nicholas Frankovich explains the suffering of the cross.   You might also appreciate  some thoughts  of Kathryn Jean Lopez on Good Friday.   And the Poles should remember it is Easter and  get over  themselves.

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April 21, 2019 at 2:24 pm

I can’t believe…

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…that former White House press secretary Tony Snow  died a  decade ago.  I have not willingly watched a daily briefing since he left that post.



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July 15, 2018 at 3:08 pm

Melania blamed for tree removal…

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The historic Jackson magnolia tree at the White house has been in pitiful shape for decades.   Held upright by cabling rather than its own strength,  it has long been an accident waiting to happen, so the First Lady has prudently decided to  have it cut  down,  and the wood preserved.

Most of the media is  reporting in  such a fashion as to make it seem Melania Trump is having the tree removed without any reason.  Since most of the media live in places where they either manage a few flowerpots or have gardeners, I can’t imagine why anyone would take their word for arborist matters.

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December 30, 2017 at 3:07 pm

Merry Trump Christmas…

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Pres. Trump upset the press corps by leaving the White House unannounced.   He was going to visit  our wounded  warriors,  having finished with the official  Christmas portrait  and such.    You may not have any military personnel to visit,  either in your neighborhood or at a nearby VA hospital,  but at least you can  think of them  and the sacrifices they make for your benefit.   POTUS held  a video  conference.   I would have just stayed in the deliciously decorated Red Room and probably eaten my weight in goodies.   But one day I’d like to participate  with Wreaths Across America.

Not to worry — Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue has already issued all the  necessary permits  for Santa’s worldwide journey.   You can  see here  the travel scramble,  and you can zero in on Santa’s progress   with this tracker.   Never  mind the Canadian  government’s stupidity.   We shall see if the  forecasters anywhere  get this one right.

My home is nowhere nearly  as glamorous  as the White House,  and I’m certainly no model figure like the First Lady,  but I’m a great fan of the Christmas spirit,  and I certainly understand the pull of  one’s home during the holidays.   I do not appreciate the  Left removing  Christ from Christmas,  and I am most curious as to whether  the bones  of a saint currently being examined in Italy are those belonging to a man whose name has been given to Santa Claus.   Unlike  these pets,  I will neither protest the season nor destroy its trappings!

I learned about Christmas the easy way,   not like  Michael Mackinnon.  And while my own display of lights is pretty well limited to battery-powered LED candles in the font windows,  I certainly appreciate those who  lights are  far more lush during this holiday.  I am grateful to Eric Owens for his crisp dismantling of the  fake holiday  of Kwanzaa,  created in 1966 by a violent,  radical black nationalist.   I don’t mind poking fun at liberals,  so Kurt Schlichter’s  comments amuse  me.  I love the Christmas shoutout  I received from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu,  and I like Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas  message inspiring  and quite personal for a British  monarch.




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December 25, 2017 at 3:19 pm

First come the grinches…

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The President  promised to  wish us a  ‘Merry Christmas‘  instead of the dreary,  politically correct ‘Happy Holidays’  and he  has done  so.   The First Lady helped by returning the White House decorations to more classic themes  and  some true  elegance.  The media,  easily frightened children that they are,  were  terrified of  the decorations and of the woman one visiting child said looked like an angel.   Democrats were equally upset  and created some additional reasons to justify their viciousness and utter lack of class and taste.  The Vice President’s residence is  also decorated  in a lovely,  traditional style.

So-called higher education is  not immune  from the tasteless sickness, either.   An Oregon atheist is  complaining that  a Christmas banner is an assault on him as well as a violation of the separation of church and state.  There are so many porch thieves stealing packages from people’s homes, that a Tacoma, WA man  has invented  a very noisy but quite harmless means of scaring the would-be thieves off.   It’s a clever contraption, but I have BG,  a quite large dog with a very loud bark and a high level of attentiveness.   I don’t worry about anybody being brave or stupid enough to steal anything off my property, though I do have a bit of trouble when one of my mail carriers who is terrified of canids has a package to leave.

Here is  the first thing  you’ll see when you enter the White House.  you’ll have to go further to find the  amusing troll  of Obama hidden in the decorations.

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December 24, 2017 at 3:45 pm

Trump ends it…

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His Oneness held an Iftaar dinner all eight years he occupied the Oval Office.   Clinton and Bush made the same useless gesture Obama did.   Ramadan ended Saturday night  without an  Iftaar dinner or any other White House celebration of Islam’s holy month,  which has become an excuse for jihadists to unleash brutality and violence upon anyone who believes Islam is a religion of peace and disagrees with their practice of it.

Good for President Trump for not only having the intelligence to realize the futility of the gesture,  seen as slavering weakness and appeasement by jihadists,  but also for not succumbing to the timidity of political correctness which would have stopped a lesser man from ending the celebrations.   All this White House did was release a short statement in recognition of Eid al-Fitr.   The State Department did the same.


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June 26, 2017 at 6:33 pm

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Suspicious silence…

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Why hasn’t the White House  commented on  the American teen who was murdered near Jerusalem by Palestinian terrorists last week?    His Oneness commented on the American murdered in Paris,  and the one murdered in the Mali attack,   but neither he nor Kerry have uttered a peep about Ezra Schwartz,   the Massachusetts kid spending a year in Israel.

Both officials have only indirectly mentioned  the other  Palestinian attacks occurring almost daily approaching Kerry’s visit,  though the trip is supposedly  to stop  the violence.   The Obama Administration is desperately attempting to maintain the fiction that its failure to confront terrorism is a strategy,  and that it’s working,  a lie so blatant that even Sen. Dianne Feinstein  publicly disagrees.

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November 23, 2015 at 11:46 pm