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Another Gore effect…

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Young and ignorant “climate justice” activists who marched on Washington D.C. last Saturday were confronted by a phenomenon which has happened so often that it has a name  —  the Gore effect.   It’s named after former Vice President Al Gore,  because so many of his climate hysteria events warning of us the impending doom of global warming were hit with snow and sleet and freezing rain.  This group was lucky —  they only faced wind-driven rain,  and temperatures 15 – 20 degrees cooler than average.

I find it quite amusing that Mother Nature so often contradicts climate rallies and marches and protests.   You’d think if she felt threatened she’d do a much better job of cooperating…



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July 23, 2018 at 3:07 pm

Vanilla failure…

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If you bake you already know that vanilla  beans cost  almost as much as gold does now,  so you’re using a lot less of them now than you did a few years ago.   The price is due to a vanilla crop failure in Madagascar,  where 80% of the world’s supply comes from.   Then the island was hit by Cyclone Enawo in March of 2017,  which destroyed many of the vanilla orchids which produce the seed pods,  and this was followed by a major drought.

Because the crop is now so valuable,  it’s a major target of thieves,  and the unstable government will do nothing,  which forces producers to pick too  early,  resulting in lowered quality.   If the producers don’t get their act together,  the use of synthetic vanilla may kill off the natural flavoring.



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April 21, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Taj Mahal damaged….

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Abnormally high  winds apparently  toppled two minarets at one of India’s (and the world’s)  most beautiful sites.   They were at entrances,  not any of those surrounding the main building.


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April 13, 2018 at 3:13 pm

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Watermelon snow…

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Yeah,  it is real snow,  and  it is pink,  and it really does smell just a trifle like the delicious summertime fruit,  but you don’t want to eat it because it is hosting a form of algae which speeds up the melting process.



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February 5, 2018 at 2:58 pm

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Southern shivers…

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The Southern portion of the U.S. has been suffering  from extreme  winter weather,  with highs lower than our normal winter lows.   The current lows range from single digits to the low two-digit range.  The plants hate it,  and most people and pets hate it.  Thanks to part of her heritage being from canines bred in cold climates,  Big Girl is deliriously happy.  Several inches of snow sent her off playing like a puppy in the perfect powder.   It took her a minute to figure out the patches of ice which appeared in her footsteps as the sun melted the spots and they then re-froze,  but she simply made new paths.

So did all the other critters.   I saw domestic cat tracks,  along with deer, raccoon,  and rabbit.   It was quite scenic at times with bright red cardinals perching on snow-covered branches,  and dozens more birds on and round the three feeders I keep out year-round.  They all ate until they could hold no more or were pushed off their feeder by a larger,  more aggressive avian neighbor.   They have been out with the sun every morning,  and don’t disappear until the sun is about to set.

Transplants from northern climates can’t understand why people are having so much trouble driving on icy roads,  and why so many businesses are closed.   It’s actually worse now than it used to be,  because years ago many Southerners either grew up on farms or spent time on them and knew how to drive on mud.  That is no longer true,  and man does it show during inclement weather.  Meanwhile, we have  the pictures  to prove it got  cold by  ANY standards.



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January 19, 2018 at 4:09 pm

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New Year 2018…

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The weather is nasty in much of the country,  including my corner of it,  so I plan to celebrate New Year’s at home in my sweats and warm slippers.   Assuming the power stays on despite the high demand for heat,  I may do some big-batch cooking.   I know I’ll be making dozens of trips to let BiG Girl in and out,  because she has a very thick winter coat and considers anything below freezing to be very comfortable weather.  In a decade I have never seen her actually behave as if she were cold.   Apparently if she becomes chilled,  she just runs up and down a fence line for a few minutes and then lies in the snow,  which melts on contact when she hits it

There is not enough money in the universe to send me to times Square for New Year’s Eve.   It was bad enough many years ago, but now I regard it as one of Dante’s rings  of Hell  to which I would not subject myself.

There are  plenty of  other ways to reflect on the end of 2017,  thoughtfully listed by the Corner’s Debby Witt.   There are also  many other  New Year’s traditions.   Now I don’t personally know people who totally fit these profiles,  but there are some who come pretty close.   What about you?

Australia has already started the celebrations  with spectacular  fireworks displays,  as usual,  and I’ll add more as updates if I run across them.   There is a great shot of one of the  fireworks barges  blowing up accidentally — oops!

If you live in California,  I’m afraid Gov. Moonbeam and his progressive pack of fools are offering you only disaster,  no joy.   Have a look at these six laws  which go into effect in the state on New Year’s Day.   They are insane and a prime example of the jack-booted thuggery progressives display when they are in charge.   Is it any wonder California had the most UFO sightings  last year?

Whether you are a Trump supporter or Trump-hater,  you have to admire his thumping of the Democrats and the Obama economy in  year-end tweets.   The general public apparently  isn’t listening  to the Democratic doomsayers as closely as it once did….

UPDATE:  I forgot to include Debby Witt’s always entertaining collection of links  involving the day.

Watch out tonight for a the  largest full  moon of 2018.








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January 1, 2018 at 2:19 pm

Merry Trump Christmas…

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Pres. Trump upset the press corps by leaving the White House unannounced.   He was going to visit  our wounded  warriors,  having finished with the official  Christmas portrait  and such.    You may not have any military personnel to visit,  either in your neighborhood or at a nearby VA hospital,  but at least you can  think of them  and the sacrifices they make for your benefit.   POTUS held  a video  conference.   I would have just stayed in the deliciously decorated Red Room and probably eaten my weight in goodies.   But one day I’d like to participate  with Wreaths Across America.

Not to worry — Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue has already issued all the  necessary permits  for Santa’s worldwide journey.   You can  see here  the travel scramble,  and you can zero in on Santa’s progress   with this tracker.   Never  mind the Canadian  government’s stupidity.   We shall see if the  forecasters anywhere  get this one right.

My home is nowhere nearly  as glamorous  as the White House,  and I’m certainly no model figure like the First Lady,  but I’m a great fan of the Christmas spirit,  and I certainly understand the pull of  one’s home during the holidays.   I do not appreciate the  Left removing  Christ from Christmas,  and I am most curious as to whether  the bones  of a saint currently being examined in Italy are those belonging to a man whose name has been given to Santa Claus.   Unlike  these pets,  I will neither protest the season nor destroy its trappings!

I learned about Christmas the easy way,   not like  Michael Mackinnon.  And while my own display of lights is pretty well limited to battery-powered LED candles in the font windows,  I certainly appreciate those who  lights are  far more lush during this holiday.  I am grateful to Eric Owens for his crisp dismantling of the  fake holiday  of Kwanzaa,  created in 1966 by a violent,  radical black nationalist.   I don’t mind poking fun at liberals,  so Kurt Schlichter’s  comments amuse  me.  I love the Christmas shoutout  I received from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu,  and I like Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas  message inspiring  and quite personal for a British  monarch.




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December 25, 2017 at 3:19 pm