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Market high…

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The Left has been saying for three years that the economy is about to sink into recession.  The democratic presidential candidates all say some version of “Orange Man bad…economy bad…not helping anyone but the rich.”   Yes,  we do have a bad case of overspending,  and too many government employees,  and there are still loads of regulations and rules Trump can dispose of.   But the stock market  just reached  a  record high,  which is proof that many,  many people don’t believe the doom and gloom.   That may be because a large swathe of the public see the impeachment inquiry as a purely political ploy without basis,  and they calculate Trump is tough enough to keep doing what he promised to do and that his continued success will stiffen the backbones of Republicans and cast the Deep State into despondency.   Drive on,  Mr. President!

If you want to know why so many of the available jobs are rather low-paying  service sector  jobs,  thank the government.  But what do you expect when manufacturing is sent overseas,  and you have a president who spent eight years trying to destroy the carbon-based energy sector?

The ugly truth is that too  few Americans  are well-educated enough to perform the high-tech jobs.   We barely speak English and we are lousy at even simple math,  much less rudimentary problem-solving skills.  I am sick of hearing people proclaim how smart and aware young people are today.   They  are not.  Add to that the protests of the activists demanding $15 an hour minimum wage,  and you have many industries looking to automate to avoid being burdened with employees who can’t produce enough to be worth their salaries and benefits. No one ever suspected that cotton production would be fully mechanized,  even after mechanical planters and pickers arrived,  because there was no way to get rid of weeds other than by hand-pulling and hoeing.   But in the late 1930’s a retired Air Corps Colonel,  Price C. McLemore,  devised a method of flame cultivation which used burning fuel to kill weeds without damaging cotton.   The Alabama farmer had  done the  impossible,  and was awarded the Edward Longstreth Medal by the Franklin Institute for his invention.

Machines must be maintained,  and sometimes need repair,  but they don’t stage strikes,  or demand days off or extra breaks.   Companies exist to earn money for owners and shareholders by providing goods or services to consumers.  Most people work because they desire the wherewithal to purchase those goods or services.  Progressives believe companies exist to provide workers with jobs, and by extension, the USA exists to employ anyone and everyone who wishes to come here.   One of the problems is that many of those who come here wish only to latch onto the government teat,  and we are far too generous both in welfare assistance and immigration regulations,  few of which we’re currently allowed to enforce.  Wake up,  people!!

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November 17, 2019 at 1:43 pm

Veterans Day update…

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Of course some New  Yorkers protested  Trump’s appearance for the big parade.   One can not go wrong emphasizing the lack of taste and class evidenced by the radical side of that city.   Trump gave  a speech  praising our military and well-suited to the occasion.

Meanwhile,  the newly completely blue state of Virginia did away with  its customary  21-gun salute and claimed the reason was “gun violence.”  I have written the president and told him jefferson was rolling over in his grave.  I have been to parties on the Quad at UVA and there were hours of a volume level equal to the salute.

Spare a kind thought for the Kansas shoe salesman  who created  the holiday.   Read about Mike Rowe’s  spot-on comments  about our  military.

And enjoy the below!

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November 12, 2019 at 2:08 pm

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Veterans Day 2019…

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In August of 1995, the organizers of the annual Veterans  Day Parade  in New York City had $1.21 in their account.  200 corporations were solicited for donations  —  none came through.   But a real estate developer offered $200,000 as well as to raise money from his friends,  in exchange for being named grand marshal.    In short order,  they had $2.4 million.  Trump gave more than he promised.

Now,  for its 100th anniversary,  the Grand Marshal will be ho saved it,  Donald John Trump.  The United War Veterans Council has invited the commander-in-chief to attend their parade,  but this is the  very first  year that any of the presidents have accepted that invitation.   Trump is also the first president to lead the event.

New York’s Democratic politicians made the expected sophomoric comments about the Trump announcement about changing residency from that state to Florida,  but they will certainly miss all the tax money New York gouged out of the First Couple.   I think the veterans will be very pleased to have a president with them who has shaken up the wretched Veterans Administration and worked hard to improve services and treatments.

If you are a veteran,  I salute you and appreciate your service.   If you aren’t,  find one and pass it on.   They deserve all the glory and honor we can award,  and much better treatment by the government.   Insist on it!



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November 11, 2019 at 1:49 pm

Such hate…

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Victor Davis Hanson is a classical historian,  an excellent author,  and a keen observer of mankind.   In  this article  he explains why Donald trump is so hated.   First,  you must remember that the Left believed 16 years of Obama and Hillary would permanently change America,  and forever crush conservatism.    Hillary failed,  so the Democrats and the media proclaimed that Trump would fail,  then set about trying to make it come true.   Never forget that We the People are the real targets of the Left,  but they have to go through Trump to reach us.   They resent every win we have and deny that Trump had anything to do with it.  I know liberals who insist that the economy improved under Obama and he should get all the credit because Trump’s policies and programs are racist and destructive.  People like Candice Owens and Lloyd Marcus terrify them because they fear black Americans will leave the government plantation which has done so much to destroy the black family.

It is your job to understand their goals,  to arm yourself with real facts and fortitude, and fight back at every opportunity.




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October 23, 2019 at 1:34 pm

Still higher…

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The three-year procession of witch hunts and lies has done remarkably little damage to Presl trump’s polling numbers.  Of special note is that his approval numbers are  still higher  than Barack Obama’s at the same point in his presidency.  It is rather astonishing considering the  92% negative  coverage the media gives Trump,  versus the nearly universal adoration by the media during the reign of His Oneness.

Do we dare suspect that We the People have turned on our ears and brains and begun figuring this out?

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October 12, 2019 at 1:36 pm

Independent footsteps…

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A new poll shows that independent  voters are  moving towards Pres. Trump in a big way.   This could not have anything to do with the faux impeachment,  the witch hunt “inquiry” or the Democratic descent into sheer stupidity and madness.



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October 10, 2019 at 1:44 pm

Oh, my…

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Trump’s approval rating is 6%  higher than  Obama’s at the same point.   Hey, Nancy — stick that in your pipe and smoke it!   Especially since Trump’s rating has actually  gone up  another point  since you  decided to impeach him.

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September 25, 2019 at 1:43 pm

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