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Fire tanker to Israel…

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Global Super tanker  is sending  its Boeing 747-400 to Israel to help fight the arson fires there.   It’s a good thing the best fire-fighting plane is privately owned since it would be next year before His Oneness got around to doing anything to help Israel.

By the way,  it was terrorism by fire,  and they now  have video  of one of the arsonists at work.   And yes,  you can expect to see something similar here,  and no,  we are not prepared to deal with it.





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November 27, 2016 at 10:05 am

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Manhattan explosion…

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This video shows the  immediate aftermath  of the explosion which rocked the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.   New York Mayor de Blasio issued a mealy-mouthed statement worthy of His Oneness,  being careful to admit the  blast was  intentional,  but taking some  well-deserved  heat for refusing  to mention  terrorism.   He is correct that we do not know the identity of the perpetrator or the reason for it,  but he is an idiot for not making the logical connection between the attack and terrorism, especially since the devices used were apparently  similar to  those employed in  the Boston Marathon.   A 911 caller  has warned  there will be more.

Possibly the only person who looked dumber was Hillary Clinton,  who used the word “bombing” and forty  seconds later  criticized Trump’s use of the same word in her answer to a so-called journalist.

Jim Geraghty lays out the  few facts  we do know at this point.   There are additional questions  considering the  similarities with the blast at the New Jersey military fun-run.   ISIS-related media has  already claimed that the man who on Saturday stabbed eight at a Minnesota mall before being killed by an off-duty cop was a soldier of Islam.

This strikes me as a  lot of coincidences  on a single day.




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September 19, 2016 at 10:04 am

9/11 in 2016…

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Let’s begin with the  most uninspiring,  insipid message imaginable from His Oneness,  a man who has done far more to divide the nation than all the terrorists combined.   Indeed,  my observation is that one reason progressives hate mentioning terrorism is that it unites the country,  while they depend on dividing it to maintain power.   Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz have written an  op-ed blasting  Obama for his multitude of failures concerning terrorism.   The next president will have a herculean task  in undoing  such disastrous policies.   The list of what the nation  failed to learn  from the 9/11 attacks is long,  but we have learned a  few things.

As Gen. Jack Keane points out,  most of us  went on  with our lives after the attack.   The real cause for concern is that official government policy is now  willful blindness  to the threat of Islamist terrorism.   This attitude reflects an astounding ignorance of both history and ideology,  since 9/11 was  far from  the first attack on America by Muslims.   In keeping with progressive ideals,  the public education system seems determined to teach students  to either ignore the attack,  or accept that America itself,  and we Americans,  are to blame.

Whatever your view of President George W. Bush,  he understood the threat and took steps to neutralize it.   I imagine being aboard the only plane in the sky  that day concentrated his mind fiercely,  as the handwritten notes  from his press secretary,  Ari Fleischer,  show.   Watching the horror in real time no doubt  produced a  similar effect.

The Weekly Standard’s  piece from  September 24,  2011,  is a poignant reminder of what fifteen years ago looked and felt like.   As the former head of the EPA admits,  the government’s  own scientists  were badly mistaken about the air quality at Ground Zero,  and people have died because of it.   I didn’t believe the rosy reports at the time,  but I had logic and a knowledge of the real world on my side.   Why would anyone now believe government scientists on anything else,  such as global warming?

People who comprehend the  threat worry  about another one.   New York increased security  as the anniversary approached.   As Melissa Clouthier aptly notes,  things have changed,  but  where do  we go from here?   The answer depends on who our next president is,  and on what We the People are willing to do about it.   Some people will turn to  the power  of prayer.  Others,  like Hillsdale College,  will hold a  patriotic remembrance.    The National September 11 Memorial Museum’s goal is  to gather  every face and weave them into the overwhelming tapestry of grief,  loss,  life and joy on display in the memorial gallery.   A few lucky amateur photographers will capture spectacular shots  such as this.

What will you do?





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September 11, 2016 at 8:36 pm

None so blind…

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You know the old saying,  don’t you?   Let us hope the activists in San Diego don’t let their  willful blindness  and incredible ignorance don’t cause that city’s citizens to become victims.   What commonalities do they have with Islamic jihadists who want to kill us?   I’d be very interested in knowing the answer to that.

Depending on how you slice the data,  a large number of terrorists come from majority Muslim countries.  No,  not all Muslims are terrorists,  but the  underlying data  doesn’t lie or mislead.   Anyone who thinks law enforcement should not be prepared for Islamic terrorists attacks is worse than an idiot,  dangerously so.

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August 28, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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Military coup in Turkey…

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The Turkish Army is apparently  attempting a coup  against the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  who is claiming he is still in control.   That is highly doubtful,  as the state-owned broadcasting system is clearly in the hands of the coup,  and Erdogan,  a tireless self-promoter,  has not been seen in several days.   I’d say that,  based on the little we know at this point,  the coup may well succeed,  as the police are no match for the military.

It is important to remember that Erdogan,  who took power in 2002,  has cashiered out many senior military members,  knowing that the history of Turkey is that the secular-minded army has long been a stabilizing force in the country.   Erdogan has been playing footsie with Russia and Iran and instituting Islamic policies bit by bit.   He also was aware that the Turkish officer corps knows many Western military personnel,  and has long worked well with the British and the Americans.

Secretary of State John Kerry from Moscow said the U.S. hopes there will be peace and stability in Turkey,  a typical diplomatic response.   Dollars to doughnuts His Oneness will not be able to keep his mouth shut and will at least hint that the military coup is not a good thing.   I say this because the Turkish president is a big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood,  as is Obama,  since he promoted Mohamed Morsi,  the Egyptian president who was ousted by Egypt’s military in 2011,  and was a member of that group himself.   His Oneness claims the Brotherhood is a a moderate alternative to more violent Islamist groups.

Congressmen Darrell Issa and Louis Gohmert have renewed the push for a bill to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization,  an important move in light of what Retired Navy Admiral Ace Lyons  told the  National Press Club last year.

UPDATE:  News reports are that Erdogan is seeking asylum in Germany, which indicates the coup has succeeded.   Others say he is merely on vacation,  so we can’t tell.

UPDATE:   His Oneness wants all parties to “support the democratically elected government of Turkey”.   Isn’t that the same thing he said about Morsi in Egypt  in similar  circumstances??

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July 15, 2016 at 10:23 pm

New Yorkers are stupid…

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This past week filmmaker Ami Horowitz  asked people in New York City if Islam “played a role” in the Orlando terrorist attack.   All those in this video said  “no.”    Then he asked them if Republicans or Islam were more to blame for the attack.    Watch,  but put your drink down before you do.

I would like to claim this shocks me,  but it does not.   As  this poll  reveals,  most Democrats are determined to ignore Islamic radicalism in order to protect their skewed view of the world,  and in the process,  make their fellow citizens less safe by disarming them,  seemingly oblivious to the fact that the government CAN NOT KEEP YOU SAFE.    This attitude makes them nearly as dangerous as the jihadis.


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June 18, 2016 at 11:56 pm

Terrorism isn’t a problem…

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Or so His Oneness continues to tell us all.   He must find it very annoying that Florida law enforcement had no hesitation in branding the attack at a gay nightclub terrorism.   When Obama made his public comments on the attack,  he mentioned hate several times,  gun violence,  and the LGBT community,  but he never uttered the phrase  “Islamic terrorism”,  despite the fact that the shooter,  Omar Mateen,  who was  a Muslim,  and a registered Democrat,  was reported to be shouting  “Allahu Akbar,”   and that ISIL has already taken credit for inspiring the massacre.   No,  the President was much more focused on the fact that the 50 dead and 53 injured were presumably members of the gay community in Orlando.

Even the  FBI has  put Islamic terrorism on the table,  but  not Barack Obama.   After all,  our oh-so-brilliant President still claims that Islam is a religion of peace,  when it actually means not peace,  but submission.   You would think that the worst mass shooting in U.S. history would cause even such an arrogant man to stop denying reality,  but you would be wrong.   We can expect to be lectured and hectored over the next several days about our bigotry and homophobia and unfair treatment of those who differ.  We can also expect to hear that guns are too easy to obtain,  despite the fact that Mateen worked as a security guard and had passed all the necessary checks.

What we should not expect is that the President or anyone in his administration will cut through the BS and speak bluntly,  but I urge you to use this opportunity to crawl up your Congress critters’ backsides and demand an instant stop to the so-called refugee influx Obama is conducting.   I have already emailed all of mine.   What’s your excuse?

Also,  we are already hearing demands for more powers for the police state to invade our privacy.   Two things to bear in mind:  the  FBI had investigated Mateen  twice already,  and Russia,  which is a powerful policed state where citizens have absolutely no privacy whatsoever,  has suffered some of the world’s worst terrorist attacks.   We don’t have a lack of information problem  —  indeed,  we h ave so much data being scooped up that we can’t process it all.   What we need is better intelligence,  and the willingness to profile those who fit what anyone with half a brain already knows fits the most likely terrorist,  followed by the  will to act upon it.



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June 12, 2016 at 11:25 pm