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Lunches they like?

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Our Lady of Perpetual Dissatisfaction demanded schools waste precious resources on “healthy” food normal children don’t want to eat.  School-lunch prisoners,  I call them,  condemned to an onslaught of tasteless food pretending to be something else,  and low-sodium nightmares.   First,  less than 10% of the US population is salt-sensitive.   The rest of us can safely gobble up potato chips and other toothsome goodies everyone solemnly says are not good for us.   In fact,  the human body needs a certain amount of sodium to survive.

The Agriculture Department under His Oneness claimed the food waste exhibited was not substantially higher than under previous regulations.  That is partly true,  but mostly because schools learned quite quickly which pile of awfulness students would not eat,  so they had a single pan of it instead of 20 or 50 pans.  Voila —  less waste!

You can eat healthy food which tastes good —  Indian cuisine offers many low-calorie,  meatless options,  but one must use spices.  Schools are trained to produce cheap food and they don’t keep an array of spices in the kitchens.  Mostly they buy large pans of pre-cooked foods and reheat them.  They are as far as one can imagine from the school of my youth,  where the cook refused to allow the school board to replace her old wood-burning stove with an electric model,  cooked everything from scratch and made rolls or biscuits daily.  It was country cooking with salt and butter and appropriate spices and herbs,  and it tasted good.  We had a machine which dispensed whole milk upon request.   I don’t remember my fellow students having food allergies.   If anyone did,  they didn’t make a fuss about it.

Hurrah for Pres. Trump  on further loosening of the tyrannical restriction Michelle  Obama put  in place.   And he did this  on her  birthday!



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January 18, 2020 at 1:13 pm

Expensive taste…

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…is not exclusive to humans,  as a Turkish beekeeper has learned.   When cages and other deterrents failed,  he decided to turn the thieves into taste testers.  The bears preferred Anzer honey,  reputed to be the most expensive in the world at $300 a kilogram.   No,  I have never tasted it,  but I grew up with bee hives in the woods and the keeper always gave us multiple jars of delicious clover honey as “rent” for using our land.   I still prefer honey instead of sugar in hot tea.

If bears had  destroyed $10,000 of my product,  I doubt I would be as sanguine about it as Ibrahim Sedef.  On the other hand,  the rabbits on my property,  given the opportunity,  will eat every pepper they can find,  hot or mild.   And twice every night I throw some scraps over the fence onto the big oak stump that serves as a feeding table for wildlife.   My visitors include a cat,  two fox,  several racoons,  birds,  squirrels,  and the occasional mouse.   Every few days I play back their images on the trail camera and reset it for more enjoyment.





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September 4, 2019 at 2:28 pm

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KFC recipe found?

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People have been trying to duplicate the Colonel’s recipe for years,  but now someone has tested a hand-written version found in an old scrapbook belonging to the Colonel’s second wife.   This  may be  the jackpot.

For what it’s worth,  while I do enjoy some KFC occasionally,  I do find it a bit salty for my taste.   Don’t get me wrong –  I’m not an anti-salt zealot.   I cook with salt,  along with a whole pile of other spices,  but  I can’t remember the last time I added salt to anything I cooked at the table.  In my kitchen I strive for a balance of flavors,  blended well so that no single flavor stands out too much.   I’m also a rather lazy cook,  so I have to be honest and admit that I will probably never attempt this recipe,  but let me know if you do and how it turned out.



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August 26, 2016 at 10:09 am