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Turning off Skynyrd…

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…doesn’t make it go away,  a point David Marcus  makes quite  well when writing of customers’ reactions when a Brooklyn store played the Lynyrd Skynyrd group’s rendition of  “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Progressives have never listened to a large part of America,  and they convinced the Democratic Party that it need not listen either,  because they had ensured that changing demographics,  via legal and illegal immigration and lax or non-existent voter ID requirements meant working class voters no longer mattered.  Sure, you can turn off the voices,  but somewhere they are still speaking,  and it is not just in the Deep South or flyover country that Skynyrd is still playing somewhere.




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November 26, 2016 at 11:52 pm

Interesting hire…

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The Trump campaign has  hired David  Bossie of Citizens United fame,  who has been investigating the Clintons since the 1990’s,  and must have a very large dirt file on all their scandals.   I seem to recall that Hillary has promised to  overturn the Citizens United ruling,  because the only super-PACs she wants are those in her corner.




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September 2, 2016 at 8:17 pm

Dems at war with you…

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Hillary is already playing the vote-for-me-because-I-have-a-vagina card,  but in the general election,  expect her to go into the full-blown rhetoric about the Republican  “war on women.”    Yet it is the Democrats who are at war  with Americans.

They have arrogantly,  and I would argue,  extra-constitutionally,  forced us to acquire healthcare they choose,  to purchase cars we don’t like,  to accept foreigners who may or may not be terrorists into our communities and to pay for their care.    They are trying to kill the First Amendment because they can not tolerate ideas and thus speech which they disagree with.   They are trying harder than ever to eliminate the First Amendment and by so doing,  make us all subjects instead of citizens.

In response,  I have dug my tasteful “Gun-Free Zone” sign out of my utility room and will carry it around with me,  offering it to anyone who thinks more gun control is the proper answer to anything.  I’ve had that sign for many years,  and no one has ever accepted it,  which gives me the opportunity to call them hypocrites to their faces.   I have a concealed carry permit and I use it,  as do many people I know.   I accept the responsibility which comes with exercising my Second Amendment rights,  which means that I will protect not only my family and my home,  but also anyone around me who is in danger from a threat.   Many of those who don’t want you and me to legally possess a firearm,  are protected by armed security.  They are worse hypocrites.   Protect your rights,  or you will lose them!

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December 19, 2015 at 10:09 am

If freedom is more powerful…

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…than fear,  why did His Oneness promote taking away our Second Amendment freedoms in his speech,  which wasn’t much of a speech,  since it devoted most of its length to lecturing Americans on our shortcomings,  and telling everyone all the things he had no intention of doing in order to defeat the enemy he will not name?

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December 8, 2015 at 10:12 am

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At the U.N., for the U.N.

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I was out when His Oneness was chairing the U.N. Security Council and speechifying,  but Jonah Goldberg has  saved me  the trouble of watching it.   I did read it,  as you can  here,

Like Jonah,  I found the speech uninspiring as a call to action.   As noted,  His Oneness has evolved a tiny bit,  to where ISIS might have some religious component,  and the U.S. might upon occasion be somewhat exceptional,  except  when it isn’t.   He took his now-obligatory   shot at Israel.   The Ace of Spades has a long,  but very  worthwhile post  on the speech.

I’m afraid my only thought when I saw a shot of him speaking at the U.N. was that he was comfortable in that cesspool of corruption and incompetence.  That is the sort of place he belongs in.

UPDATE:  Joseph Curl was  much less  kind.

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September 24, 2014 at 11:50 pm

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Reid, meet petard…

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Petard is a 16th Century French word for a small bomb used to blow up gates and walls when breaching fortifications,  and if someone is hoist with his own petard,  he has blown himself up with his own bomb.

That is essentially  what happened  to Sen. Harry Reid this week when Republicans voted to advance to the Senate floor a Democratic constitutional amendment allowing Congress  to regulate all campaign speech and spending.   Reid actually admitted he never intended for the amendment to go to a real floor debate,  expecting the opposition to vote against advancement and leave the floor open for debates on things like pay equality and minimum wage to frame the coming elections for Democrats.   Now there will be scant time for anything else as they defend their Senate majority,  since the move  guarantees a lengthy debate over Democratic efforts to limit the First Amendment.

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September 11, 2014 at 11:52 pm


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If you missed the speech,  you can read  it here.

ISIL is not Islamic?   What the hell does His Oneness think the first “I” stands for?   We can argue about whether it constitutes a state,  but not about whether it is Islamic.   His pronouncements on religion in general and Islam in particular reveal a man who has failed utterly to grasp that just because a group chooses to espouse the most violent interpretations of the Koran,  it does not make them non-Islamic.

Yes,  ISIS is a terrorist organization,  yet this President has forced the removal of any mention of Muslim extremists from FBI manuals and military training materials.

Yet again he uses the “degrade and destroy” terminology.   Which is it?    What is your goal?  Your line about hunting down terrorists rings hollow in light of Benghazi.   The following one about ” a core principle of my presidency: if you threaten America,  you will find no safe haven,”   is manifestly untrue.

He claims his strategy is  “one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years”,  but no one outside his administration believes either country is a success.  Indeed, they are both failed states run by Muslim terrorists and an assortment of crooks.

Who believes we are safer now?   Mr. Obama’s pronouncements notwithstanding,   half of Americans don’t.

Then he veered off into domestic issues.  Is that because he has no interest in,  and a dangerously faulty understanding of,  foreign affairs?   Tonight he talked about leadership,  inadvertently managing to display that he can muster none.   I’ve known schizophrenics who held more consistent views than this man.   He now wants to arm the Syrian moderates,  of which there are precious few,  but refuses to arm the Peshmerga,  the Kurds who are proving remarkably competent even with old Soviet weapons.   He breaks promises as easily as a teen-aged boy,  and acts frighteningly like one as well.   His staff turned up the amps and emphasized the bass in an effort to give their boss more gravitas,  but it failed.   He did manage not to look profoundly bored,  for which I give him a little,  but only a very little,  credit.

Jonah Goldberg  was correct about Mr. Obama’s goals in the speech, but I believe His Oneness failed across the board remaining.   Maybe he believes he can talk ISIS to death.   He still has no strategy beyond attempting to position himself to take credit for any successes and avoid blame for any failures.   He is an embarrassment,  a dangerous one who has weakened America and trained our allies not to trust us,  and our enemies not to fear us.   A Green Beret friend has reminded me over the years that no matter how big an engine you possess,  you get nowhere if you don’t let the clutch out.   For those of you unfamiliar with farm equipment and stick-shifts,  that means if you don’t actually employ  use your brain,  it’s useless.   Mr. Obama’s supposedly brilliant brain has had its gears stripped out by the strength  and rigidity of his ideology.

Read the  Twitchy comments  on suggested names for this new,  unnamed operation.


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September 11, 2014 at 3:15 am

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