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Our socialist mistress…

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Are you aware that both Bernie Sanders and AOC claim to be Democratic Socialists?  If so,  thank you for paying attention to two of the most dangerous Congressional critters in existence.   If you have been watching and listening,  you don’t agree with her that the Democratic Party  is a  center-conservative party.

Here are  some things  Bernie believes.   Note that he doesn’t appear to grasp that the government itself depends on the monies it takes by force from individuals.   It has little ability to generate income.  Where do you imagine the federal government will get the money it needs for free college education for all?   Not a small point to ponder…

What’s the difference between socialism and democratic socialism?  That depends entirely on who answers the question.   It also requires a total willingness to lie, together with a lack of common sense and little knowledge.  Sanders and AOC certainly exemplify the adherents of one of the more poisonous isms.   Both like the plan because they believe they will be in charge and will therefore be unstoppable.   Large and in charge,  I think the saying goes.  Like Antifa, they are the opposite of what they claim to be.   They operate under very similar principles.

But I am indebted to AOC for warning the public just how far left she is and that she and her colleagues have no desire to help ordinary Americans.

UPDATE:  And AOC  proved it  at a rally yesterday, because if you have power, you will control money.



Written by timeforthorns

January 21, 2020 at 1:11 pm

Capitalism produces wealth…

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Communism produces poverty and misery.   All the Democratic presidential candidates snarling that capitalism doesn’t reward worker bees sufficiently forget what public intellectual Tim Worstall observed at Forbes a few years back:  “The average American today is 90 times richer than the Average Historical Human Being.”

Capitalism,  as Sir Winston Churchill observed,  is the  worst economic  system in the world except for all the other systems.  It  is not perfect,  but with hard work it comes close.   Socialism has been tried dozens of time and has a perfect record  —  of failure…  I would note that those who force it into being seem to live quite well,  but the worker bees suffer greatly  under their rule, and that doesn’t even include the thousands the elites had to murder to impose the scheme. That so many young people today claim to prefer socialism should tell you they are wholly ignorant of history.  Most will admit they are drawn to the economic system because they don’t think they will have to work,  since “the government” will pay for everything.   They are so mathematically challenged they don’t grasp that there is not enough wealth available to foot the bill once,  let alone every year.   If we don’t start demanding that public schools teach instead of indoctrinate,  we will soon find ourselves with a populace so lazy and stupid that it is incapable of being helped by capitalism .

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December 5, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Democratic socialists…

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… held their  national convention  this weekend in Georgia.  That is the group Sen. Bernie Sanders and AOC and a whole bunch of  other Congress  critters belong to.    The link will also tell you what they believe in,  so you’ll understand when I say that every one of them violates their oath of office daily.   This article may also convince you that they are crazy as hell.   They are triggered by sensory overload,  leading me to believe that attending a college football game would render them little puddles of hypersensitivity.  If gendered conversation and whispers among 1,500 at a convention set them off they are not very tough on a physical level,  but what they believe and what they are attempting to do to the country should terrify you.

If you tire of slogging through the DSA platform,  just read this  fine introduction  to a new book which uses beer to explain the failures of socialism.   I’ll get my copy this week,  but Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell,  the economists who authored “Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World”,  write to devastating effect to explain how the economics of socialism affect something as ordinary as one of my favorite libations.

As a further warning,  we are al in danger from every one of the Democratic presidential candidates,  even the ones who ran merely to raise their profile and increase their ability to be paid money for something other than their actual jobs.   The  liberal elites  are amongst the deadliest creatures on the planet.





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August 6, 2019 at 2:50 pm

Tell me why…

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…Sen. Kamala Harris was right when she she said Friday black women deserve to have  a bigger voice  in the upper echelons of the Democratic Party.   She wasn’t correct,  because they don’t of course,  no more than white women do,  or pale African-Americans or copper-skinned Indians.  She is well experienced in identity politics because that is all she has, so she is going  after critics  of the practice early and often.

As for  “…thanking women of color for electing progressive leaders,”  we should be showing them the error of their previous ways.  We should point out what progressivism has done to Baltimore,  Detroit,  Cleveland,  Chicago,  Los Angeles,  Seattle,  Portland — I could go on,  but you get my drift.   No city with progressive government  does well by the people who live there.  Regardless of what Democrats claim,  socialism is not designed to level the playing field.   It is quite effective at keeping the elites living the high life while turning everyone without connections into the wretched poor of your average Third World country.

Sen. Harris need look no further than Maxine Waters in the House,  who is under  investigation  yet again for corruption.   Living in a fancy home outside of the district she represents,  while her constituents are amongst the poorest in the state — this is the face of black females in the Democratic Party,  and Sen. Harris won’t be the one to change that.



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August 5, 2018 at 2:48 pm

Meet the new Democrats…

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An attractive  young woman  has won a Democratic primary,  beating a ten-term Congressman,  despite campaigning with a known  anti-Semitic and racist.  This matters because Joe Crowley was expected to become the next Speaker of the House if the Democrats took it over.    The former speaker,  Nancy Pelosi,  doesn’t like  being compared  with the newcomer.   Sen. Bernie Sanders is over the moon with happiness because she is an avowed Democratic Socialist,  just like he is,  she is calling for Pres. Trump’s impeachment,  she thinks it requires “political courage” to raise taxes,  and claims ICE is running family-separation black sites at the border.

In other words,  just like Bernie,  she has no grasp of economics,  opposes the Constitution,  imagines the Bill of Rights protects only her and the like-minded,  and imagines We the People will meekly accept being ruled by her.   Yes,  she’s a bit of a lunatic,  but she truly does  represent the new face of the Democratic Party which has certainly been losing its collective mind ever since Trump was elected.

UPDATE:  I found  the platform  she ran on.   Heaven help us…



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June 28, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Apologize, Bernie…

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More than 50,000 people have signed an online petition asking Sen. Sanders to apologize  for attacking  the Christian beliefs of  Russell Vought,  Trump’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.





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June 14, 2017 at 8:09 pm

Socialist food fails…

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What a surprise it is that a restaurant supposed to run on socialist,  collective principles is now  going out  of business,  even though it didn’t run on the principles it espoused and even though it apparently had interesting food.   Of course,  the owner  is nattering on about the principles nothaving been followed faithfully.   You’d think he would know better, being the owners of other businesses,  which presumably are for-profit.



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December 4, 2016 at 11:43 pm

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