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Tax cuts are bad!

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The nearly universally progressive media wants to  convince you  that tax cuts are bad,  and that you will be bitterly unhappy if you get them.   No one,  regardless of how charming they were,  has ever been able to convince me that being able to keep more of my own money is a bad thing which I could not possibly enjoy.   I daresay most of my readers have similar thoughts,  but the wider world may not recognize the ploys used to dissuade them from thinking clearly about tax reform.




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December 18, 2017 at 3:33 pm

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Health hype…

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Now that His Oneness has released his own  outline of a health reform bill,  Charles Hurt characterizes it perfectly as  outlawing reality.    It is merely the meat of the  previous Democratic bills,  and contains their flaws  and worse,  while providing insufficient detail for it to be scored by  the CBO.    More importantly,  its appearance proves that the upcoming  summit is nothing more than political theater.   It provides an opportunity for  the President to claim  bipartisanship while being completely partisan,  because his real goal is to damage the GOP.   He is interested in its destruction,  not in  any compromise on health legislation,  and you’ll note that he has already begun  substituting “reform” for “change.”    ObamaCare 2.0 is either a disease  or a sympton,  or perhaps a  movie character.    Rich Lowry has  some observations on the reasoning behind all this.

The final wake-up call for anyone foolish or naive enough to believe the summit is any sort of discussion should absorb the fact that the White House is now supporting the use of  reconciliation to jam through a health reform bill if Republicans don’t roll over and play dead.     Indeed, Rep.  James Clyburn is already out on the hustings claiming that reconciliation is the regular,  ordinary course of business and that anyone who refers to it in this instance as a “nuclear option” is a lying Republican who would rather do nothing.   There is an interesting symposium  here on whether this option should be selected.

Obama need not actually address anything of substance,  because the House and Senate leadership can simply agree on verbiage and pass whatever they like,  and no one else,  including Democrats not in leadership positions,  will be aware of what the bill says until he signs it.

I will the summit,  but mostly to see if I have underestimated the amount of deception and lying which will occur.

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February 24, 2010 at 3:38 am

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