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The Hillyer Plan…

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Quin Hillyer has some  interesting ideas on how to save Social Security and Medicare.  I look forward to reading his further columns on the subject.  I would first pass legislation allowing government agencies to talk to each other for the purpose of establishing who gets benefits and who should get them.


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April 27, 2019 at 2:39 pm

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SCOTUS opinion…

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The document  is here.  Here is  what some good thinkers have to say.   Jed Babbin  points out  a couple of contradictions in the court’s rather bizarre reasoning.   Quin Hillyer  adds to the  list of contortions,  and  ruminates on why  Chief Justice Roberts voted as he did.   Michael Savage thinks the  anti-seizure medication  Roberts takes affected him.

Hollywood luminary Michael Moore  exults that  we’re on the road to universal healthcare.  Aaron Goldstein  laments the death  of limited government.   Listen to Mark  Levin slash the ruling.

Of course,  His Oneness can’t resist copying VP Biden with a crude and classless tweet,  echoed with his  campaign merchandise.

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June 29, 2012 at 11:04 pm

A crisis as a goal?

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Quin Hillyer thinks that is  the true goal  of His Oneness.   Don’t discount it merely because the concept is difficult to wrap your head around.

Now that  one of the  credit rating agencies has downgraded the USA,  I think we’ll see some proof of Hillyer’s premise,  because the agency is not concerned about the debt ceiling,  but the debt load.

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July 23, 2011 at 11:53 pm

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Pres. Unpresidential…

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Bill Clinton was an unprincipled,  corrupt horn-dog,  but still managed to appear presidential at times.  His Oneness is an unprincipled,  corrupt egotist whose idea of looking presidential is to tilt his chin skyward and condescend to all,  a point Jay Nordlinger makes with devastating clarity in regard to Obama’s meddling in Wisconsin.   Quin Hillyer gets the hat tip,  but also read  his post,  as well as Matt Welch’s  piece.

Robert Stacy McCain  lays out some numbers for the teachers which make their complaints look hypocritical.   Ross Kaminsky reports that the war in Wisconsin,  now joined by Pres. Obama,  makes clear 3 points about Democrats,  which Republicans should repeat frequently.

Wisconsin isn’t  the only state with union agitators,  but if the Republican governors of Wisconsin and Ohio limit the collective bargaining power of public employees,  who I agree should have none,  the unions will be challenged elsewhere.   The Wall Street Journal  has more on the battle between public employee unions and taxpayers.    Jay Nordlinger detects a whiff of Castroism in Wisconsin  —  unsurprising given that the progressive movement basically started in the state.     And he also reports on physical damage by unions  in Idaho.    Even the Left  is debating itself on Wisconsin.

Katrina Trinko tells you how to  keep up with all the happenings. Michael Walsh has something to say on  the importance of this heartland revolution.

True insurgents…

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John Podhoretz has a great post on this week’s primary elections,  correctly identifying that some Republican candidates  — and winners —  are genuinely eager to  upend the political system.

The WaPo hasn’t  really figured it out yet.   Charles Hurt  has.

The bottom line is that Republicans should do very well this fall, but they’ll have to do even better to overcome the corruption put into the system,  as this Quin Hillyer  piece,  and its linked Reid Wilson column,  show.

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August 29, 2010 at 8:58 am

WaPo tells secrets…

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Quin Hillyer reports that the WaPo is going to publish a list of companies that contract with our intelligence agencies.   Yes,  it’s absolutely outrageous,  and yes,  it’s clearly dangerous,  but wait until His Oneness does nothing about it.

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July 16, 2010 at 7:03 pm