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Told you…

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…that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was just Eric Holder in a skirt with better diction.   Yeah,  I was spot on about what a  violent lefty she is.

UPDATE:  I forgot to tell you that the reason I noticed is because Democrats found her rant  so inspirational  they promoted it,  and there’s a video!



Written by timeforthorns

March 5, 2017 at 11:35 pm

Whiny women march…

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Since the 1970’s a woman in America could complain of abuse by an employer or business, then sit on her fanny while the federal government pursued the alleged miscreant, and the complaining woman would get the fine or jury award and we taxpayers would pick up the entire cost of the venture.  That is not human rights,  or civil rights,  or even women’s rights  –  it’s special rights to which no one else is entitled,  and that is how the so-called women’s rights groups want to keep it.

They also want to keep getting the tax breaks for minority and women-owned businesses,  despite numerous reports that many of the women are merely fronts for the businesses and contribute nothing to it beyond getting them the preferential loan treatments and special dispensations.

The progressive women’s groups keep some very unsavory company,  such as  the D.C. organizer,  who is pro Sharia law and has ties to the  terrorist group Hamas.   Additionally,  at least 56 partners of the D.C. march  have ties  to George Soros,  as well  as Hillary  Clinton.

I channel-surfed to see what the marchers were saying.   Many of them just seemed to be hysterically  anti-Trump, but none of them made much sense,  especially those complaining about an apparent nation-wide shortage of  pink yarn with which to make their pussy hats.   Drew Belsky had a  much better  idea,  except I doubt many of those marchers could fry an egg successfully.

Progressive feminism’s call for “equality”  doesn’t help  women, and neither did the  vulgar language   and crude costumes.  Defiance of what?  Solidarity in  what?  In believing you’re cool because you  banned pro-life groups from the march?

There were a  few aerial  push-backs against the drumbeat of “my victimhood is  greater than yours” and “my grievance  is more important than yours.”

Since this march was a spectacular failure, the progressive females have decided to promote another march for a “Day Without Women” or some such thing.   The chief promoter is a  convicted terrorist.   But her militant and bloody background should make  her perfect  for the militant phase of protests.

Written by timeforthorns

March 1, 2017 at 11:39 am

Turning off Skynyrd…

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…doesn’t make it go away,  a point David Marcus  makes quite  well when writing of customers’ reactions when a Brooklyn store played the Lynyrd Skynyrd group’s rendition of  “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Progressives have never listened to a large part of America,  and they convinced the Democratic Party that it need not listen either,  because they had ensured that changing demographics,  via legal and illegal immigration and lax or non-existent voter ID requirements meant working class voters no longer mattered.  Sure, you can turn off the voices,  but somewhere they are still speaking,  and it is not just in the Deep South or flyover country that Skynyrd is still playing somewhere.



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November 26, 2016 at 11:52 pm

What we were saved from…

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What we as a nation have narrowly avoided by defeating Queen Hillary is losing our right to resist.  The Left,  because it employs belief rather than logic and reason,  can tolerate no dissent.   How can you contemplate an argument if you know that you can not defend your position?   You can not,  so you try to stifle dissent,  silence any opposing voices.

This is what the Left has been doing for decades,  what His Oneness was continuing,  and without question what Queen Hillary would have accelerated with  a vengeance.   But make no mistake  —  progressives and leftists have embedded themselves,  by design,  into all of our country[‘s institutions and government agencies,  and they will fight like hell to maintain the status quo.   There may not be an open insurrection,  but it will more likely be what the bureaucrats will employ  — stalling,  stonewalling,  slow-walking,  failure to act.   The time for vigilance is far from over.

Written by timeforthorns

November 10, 2016 at 11:51 pm

Racist cupcakes?

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How can a cupcake be racist?   If you are a progressive,  you see racism lurking everywhere,  in everything.   Of course,  this attitude exposes the logical inconsistencies in the progressive point of view,  and this story is a perfect example.   A bakery owned and operated by a woman who is herself biracial,  is  accused of racism  because one of her best-selling cupcakes,  which contain an Oreo cookie,  was called The President.

The poor small business owner has changed the name of the delicious confection to The Professional to try to quash the manufactured and hideously misplaced faux outrage.   She also had  another cupcake  sold as The Intern,  which featured blue icing,  and apparently people decided that referred to Monica Lewinsky,  Bill Clinton’s intern.

Progressives constantly claim that blacks and other minorities can not possibly be racist,  because they are minorities and therefore victims,  yet claim this woman is racist.  Therein lies major hypocrisy and downright stupidity.


Written by timeforthorns

October 15, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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Could you be a progressive?

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This test  will tell you,  just in case you are uncertain of your own diagnosis.   It also serves as a useful guide to what progressives actually believe,  or claim they do until one of their beliefs pinches their own ass too painfully.

Absent a brain injury,  I am not capable of becoming a progressive, because I see the world as it is and employ logic and reason.   I think as well as feel.   Progressives must continually deny and avoid reality lest their pointy little heads explode.   Frankly, that’s too much work for me!

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October 13, 2016 at 11:41 pm

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Bet you don’t know…

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…that large donors are  bailing out  on the Democratic convention.   Gallons of ink were spilled by MSM touting all the donors who declined to pony up for the Republican convention now underway in Cleveland,  but how much will the Democratic side of the coin get mentioned?   Not much,  I suspect.   Supposedly the decline is because the host committee’s request for an IRS exemption was turned down.   The fact that the Democratic candidate is such a disaster might also have a tiny bit of influence in the matter.

The  walkout at  the Netroots convention this weekend,  fueled by progressive activists,  obviously has Democrats far more worried about the Clinton candidacy than any of them are willing to admit.

Written by timeforthorns

July 19, 2016 at 10:04 am