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Obey your own rules…

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Watch Rep. Doug Collins  remind Jerry  Nadler that the rules of the committee he chairs also apply to him.  Yes,  Nadler had to withdraw his words…oh so delicious….


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July 13, 2019 at 2:55 pm

And then there were 26…

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I have run out of fingers and toes trying to count the number of Democratic presidential candidates.   There are a  couple here  I’ve never heard of before,  and I consider myself pretty much up on political topics.

And now rich nut Tom  Steyer will  probably join the fray.   I wonder if anyone has informed him that Pres. Trump has already lost a billion dollars being president?   Steyer has apparently spent a million of his own dollars already, but his platform thus far consists of eco nonsense and the state of the economy, which he says isn’t that good and he, as a hedge fund manager, can make better.  Yeah,  right…

Uh-oh — make that only 25, as it appears the awful Swalwell  is dropping out.   Even his speech announcing the pullout was dreadful…


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July 10, 2019 at 3:32 pm

Mini-AOC on the border…

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…Oh, wait,  Mini is distraught over the closure of her neighborhood park.   She is really and truly upset,  just like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  who is  mocked to  absolute perfection.  The Congress critter was putting on a show at a fence bordering a parking lot,  where nary a immigrant of any sort was in sight.  In other words,  she lied through her very red lipsticked mouth,  and not for the first time.

Twitter or some other social media platform will no doubt gin up nebulous charges to enable them to block Mini’s outstanding satire,  but until them,  enjoy her talents.   Don’t be like  those threatening  her.

Oh brother:  The potential dangers have become too great  — Ava’s parents are  shutting down all her social media.   Congratulations to the Left for frightening the parents of an absolutely adorable and talented little girl.  This is how Leftists and progressives rule  —  by fear and threats and intimidation.  There are more than a few of us who hope the Antifa movement send a group down to our stomping grounds.  Southern blue-haired grannies would apply their capacious handbags to whatever body part they could reach and send those tender little trust fund asses packing.   But this tells you that while the Left is brave enough to threaten a little girl, wear masks and beat up adults,  they don’t dare show up in places where a target may well have a concealed carry permit and know how to use a firearm.

By the way,  do you believe  in coincidence?   Where  this congresswoman is concerned,  I do not,  but again this shows you how the Left rules.


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July 7, 2019 at 3:17 pm

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Fab 4th actual…

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Robert Charles said Trump’s Salute to America  would be  a fine way to celebrate Independence Day,  and he was right.   I laughed when Democrats  complained about  the cost,  and when they said Trump had politicized the event.   Trump delivered a  rousing speech  saluting the U.S. military and quite devoid of any politics.  The speech,  despite a teleprompter malfunction and an inadvertent  anachronism,  was patriotism over  politics,  a feat no Democrat of today could achieve. Various Presidents have handled the holiday  very differently  over the years.

The rainy  weather dampened  the protestors somewhat,  but neither Trump nor  the crowd.  This piece has  a video  of the speech,  which even  Jim Acosta could not find fault with,  though he was no fan of the event itself.   Others characterized the event as  a threat  to Americans.  I’m sure they saw “stay  true to  our cause”  as a call to arms

Many  commentators  were political  in  their responses  to the event in general and Trump’s speech in particular,  but it made them look rather stupid when one considers the  actual words  Trump used.

With one eye on the Weather Channel,  the media  predicted a  tiny crowd,  but one does not fill up the entire National Mall with only a few people.   Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used  the occasion  to screech more lies about the treatment of children dragged here by their parents or smugglers and said the event was poorly attended.   I guess she didn’t see any of the pix in the previous link.

But for me the real jazz was the military hardware,  especially the fliers.  See  this one  and this  one too.  And don’t forget the  fabulous fireworks,  much of them donated.  Impressive all the way around,  don’t you think?







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July 6, 2019 at 2:50 pm

Ignore the law…

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The Democrats are in the position of having to try to defend not deporting people who have lost their asylum hearings.   Trump’s delay provides a  two-week window to reach agreement on changing immigration laws to stem the flow.   Democrats have no intention of staunching the flood of migrants, as you can plainly see from reading their bill on border spending,  as it provides money for care of illegal aliens,  but basically voids existing immigration laws and leaves our  borders wide open.  But the fanatic Democratic base will have a total meltdown if Democrats fail to get amnesty for the hordes.   It will make for some interesting theater,  won’t it?



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June 24, 2019 at 3:17 pm

I, me, myself…

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Last  month His Oneness set a new record in his continuing self-regard by mentioning himself  467 times  in one speech.  No mention of whether the German crowd noticed or cared.    Newt Gingrich  had some observations on Obama’s self-worship.




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May 24, 2019 at 3:12 pm

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Pelosi poses…

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Nancy Pelosi Thinks regaining the position of Speaker of the House means that she is the smartest,  toughest,  best leader of all time.   That hubris apparently led her to believe she could accuse Pres. Trump of “covering up”  some undefined matter and still be welcomed with open arms at a prearranged meeting on infrastructure shortly thereafter.   The President told Pelosi and Schumer he would  not meet  with them because of their fake investigations.

This appears to have stunned the two Democrats,  but that was merely for the cameras.   I am delighted with Trump’s  stout response,  because they have never had any intention of working with Trump on anything.  They never will.   It is all for show,  and they will tell any lie and pretend anything to win.   It’s what Democrats do.   And as more damning evidence emerges on the Obama Administration and its illegal and lawless behavior,  the progressives will only become more strident,  more hypocritical,  more deceptive,  more ruthless.  Get some popcorn…

Nancy and Chuck  started it,  but see how the Left is already extending the theater,  beginning  with Mad Maxine Waters

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May 23, 2019 at 2:47 pm

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