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More words, less information…

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Obama will give another lesson in teleprompter reading tonight,  supposedly on the subject our adventure into Libya.   Politico says  everyone will be listening,  from Congress to the man in the street.   I think Jed Babbin,  who was a Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under Bush 41,  has it just about right.

There is no coherent explanation to be made,  and His Oneness can not afford to tell us the truth,  which is that,  as his his custom,  he is trying to position himself to claim credit for success,  while avoiding blame for failure.   Do watch — I suspect you’re about to find out just how stupid your President really believes you are.

UPDATE:  If Obama is going to “update” us,  shouldn’t he have already spoken to us?  Start with praising the troops,  followed by a bald-faced lie — the Left hates the military and has been trying to destroy it for years,  hence the push for gays in the military and women in combat.   Here’s  the text as prepared for delivery.   Daniel Foster   thinks we finally have the Obama Doctrine,  but I disagree  —  Obama’s statements suffer an extremely short  shelf life,  and are plump with  circular logic.

Obama  hit back at those who accused him of dithering,   but mostly it was a campaign speech loaded with self-praise.  An alert National Review Online reader caught His Oneness all but copying another Bush speech.   Jim Antle has a  neat summation.

The problem for His Oneness is that based on the place he marked,  we should intervene everywhere,  but we are to ignore that he failed to offer a single word of encouragement to Iranian protesters.  And how,  pray tell me,  are we to remove Gaddafi by non-military means when they have failed in the past?   He repeated that the tyrant has lost his legitimacy — the dictator never had any legitimacy,  and why was His Oneness afraid to call him a terrorist?

Stanley Kurtz has a  good breakdown,  and Alvin Felzenberg hammers Obama for setting  bad precedents.   Dana Perino wasn’t satisfied either.   And nobody thought His Oneness would mention that  the State Department helped Gaddafi’s son visit the USA just before the uprising.

This was a man  reading his teleprompter with no fire whatsoever,  like a professor instructing dull students.    How good do you feel when classicist Victor Davis Hanson finds the  speech murky at best?   My title was proven absolutely correct.


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March 28, 2011 at 11:19 pm


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National Review Online has  a symposium of predictions for 2011.   Brad O’Leary  just wants AG Eric Holder to resign.   Tom Korologos offers  some predictions at Politico.


Rep. Henry Waxman,  one of Nancy Pelosi’s chief allies and  man who always makes me think of a pig,  foresees more rancor in politics  — gee,  ya think?   Of course,  it will mostly be on the part of Democrats,  as it generally is.   Politico offers the 10 worst political decisions.

The Boston Phoenix makes  some political prognostications.  Jim Antle bravely  —  and amusingly  —  points out some that he got wrong last year.  The Center for American Progress insists that Washington  won’t determine the success of His Oneness in 2011.

The WaPo has a  list of what’s in and what’s out for the new year.   It struck me as rather strange.   The Washington Times made more sense with its  likely and not so likely  news of 2011.   Peggy Noonan has  a sweet piece on  the origins of  “Auld Lang Syne”,  our unofficial New Year’s song and seldom heard at any other time.

Michael Ramirez has a  year-end cartoon which ties neatly into my title of the god who looks both back and forward.   Here’s one that’s rather  more hopeful.

I’m cooking black-eyed peas and turnip greens and ham for New Years,  keeping up the old Southern traditions.  Throw in some fresh cornbread and it’s a tasty meal any time of year.  But the slow cooking lets me watch the Rose Bowl Parade and clear away Christmas and start on my next box of items for the Salvation Army,  one of the few charities worth its salt in my book.

It looks like rain,  so Big Girl and I probably won’t be outside much — for a beast who’s half Great Pyrenees,   she sure hates getting her head wet.   She’s not much help inside,  having to inspect every item which is moved from one spot to another,  but if any of them dare transmogrify into sabre-toothed tigers,  I’ll be very well protected.

Happy New Year to all,  and may 2011 be more prosperous and fulfilling for all of us and those who matter to us.

Latest speech…

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His  Oneness was supposed to give a major economic speech in Cleveland on Wednesday.  It appears what he delivered instead was a  campaign speech.    I didn’t listen to it,  but Daniel Foster did and has some excellent notes on it  here.   His Oneness told at least one flat-out lie by saying he believes in  lean government.   Rep.  Eric Cantor  calls him out on a few more untruths.   Kevin McCullough wonders if he is naive or simply dishonest when talking about the economy.

National Review editors provide a close look at Obama’s   economic policies.   Michelle Malkin calls the new  $50 billion in infrastructure what it is — a boondoggle,  and Timothy Carney certainly agrees.

This piece from Politico.com makes me wonder if His Oneness hasn’t decided that independents won’t be fooled again,  and the only means of salvage is to get his base aroused enough to go to the polls in November.

Rich Lowry has a  thoughtful look at His Oneness,  while Samuel Staley correctly  pegs his tone as populist and partisan.    John Steele Gordon also found it  remarkably bitter as well.   And no matter how you slice it,  Obama has  added more to the publicly held debt of America than all presidents from Washington through Reagan, COMBINED.

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September 9, 2010 at 9:05 am

Kindergarteners snubbed by White House?

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Did the White House snub a bus full of tardy kindergarten children?   As has become customary for the Obama Administration,  the White House claimed the children were over an hour late and they had to get ready for the Steelers football team.    I find it hard to believe that the arrangers could have  mistaken 9:30 for 10:30.    But I can tell you that a White House which can’t manage a standard along with a presentation to the championship team is in a LOT of trouble.

Sobbing children will NOT be on Obama TV,  which blocked the press from covering His Oneness shoot hoops with the visiting champion University of Connecticut ladies basketball team.    I was surprised that the Politico coverage mused whether White House officials think their media coverage isn’t flattering enough.    Since this is twice that the White House has provided OTV instead of allowing press coverage,   I’m wondering at what point the supine press suddenly rediscovers the claws and fangs it has long employed for Republican White Houses.

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May 23, 2009 at 12:08 am

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