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More Libya…

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The first thing I hear on the news this morning is that NATO is delaying taking over the Libya operation,  less than 12 hours after His Oneness assured us NATO would assume control Wednesday.    Don’t you just love the smell of disaster in the morning?

As Robert Stacy McCain  puts it,  we know Libya is a really bad idea because Sen. John Kerry favors it.   Toby Harnden found the speech as  lacking in clarity as I did.    Praveen Swami worries that other despots will take from this adventure the fact that Gaddafi gave up his nuclear and chemical weaponry ambitions.  Even NBC’s Jim Maceda said Gaddafi must be  feeling better since His Oneness didn’t call for actual regime change.

AP  fact-checked the speech.   The score wasn’t pretty.  The Washington Times landed a solid punch with  its editorial.   Paul Kengor gives us an  intelligence nugget from the Reagan era which was new to me.  Today would certainly be different if Gaddafi had been assassinated then.  Steven Hayward  focused on the style of the speech,  and  the comments below point out other annoyances.

Marc Thiessen found it  fundamentally dishonest, while even The New Republic,  in the course of praising the emperor,  had some questions.  Many were  unimpressed.

Jonah Goldberg’s  basketball analogies for Obama’s actions on Libya holds up nicely after the speech.