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Crying rooms aren’t enough?

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Oh,  wait.   Now you  have donkeys to help you cope with stress,  and crying rooms you can hide in when you still fail miserably.   Over the last few years,  furry and feathered friends of various sorts have appeared on campus at a number of colleges before exam week.  Students seem to think it’s a great idea.

My parents wouldn’t have minded if I had paused to pet someone’s dog,  but I expect spending study time with a therapy donkey would have resulted in a thunderous “Why aren’t you studying?!” from them.  If I had gone to a crying room, they would have disowned me.  If you are still having crying jags and the soft equivalent of temper tantrums at age 18,  you are a warped snowflake and quite possibly will never catch up.  That is great news for my young family members who will be competing against you for the rest of your unhappy life.



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May 9, 2019 at 2:54 pm

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To be an adult…

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Robert Hall has written a  superb column  illustrating with extreme clarity the difference between being an adult,  which is what most conservatives aspire to become,  and being an aging adolescent,  which is what most progressives desire to become and forever be.

One of the most amusing aspects of the Trump presidency is how reliably it makes the Left expose its deep-rooted insecurities and hypocrisies and lies and weaknesses.



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September 30, 2017 at 5:16 pm

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