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Leaving the Democrats…

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Let Anthony Keith  explain to you  why he can’t vote for Democrats.   Then ask yourself if you are voting as if you believe the lies his parents did,  or if the flames of liberty and common sense have burned the fog of deception away.

Every single Democratic presidential candidate thinks we should have open borders,  pay for the health care of illegal immigrants,  allow them to take away jobs from American citizens, and destroy the First and Second Amendments.  The Founders wrote down these individual inalienable rights to codify them, not to create them.  Progressives, which now means most Democrats, are well aware that they have always had to lie in the primaries to win.  They also know from Saul Alinsky that you must deceive,  misdirect,  exploit any crisis,  and destroy the first two amendments of the Bill of Rights to achieve power.  Every Democratic presidential candidate wants to shut up opposing viewpoints and disarm the citizenry so they can be turned from citizens into subjects

I quite frankly don’t mind if Hollywood releases “The Hunt” because it is an allegorical tale of what the elites like to envision themselves doing.  We deplorables stand in their way and should not be tolerated.  Unfortunately for them,  many of us not only own guns,  we also know how to use them and we accept the responsibilities which come with ownership of firearms.   Many of us reside in places where the nearest law enforcement is more than 20 miles and 20 minutes away.   We generally don’t wait for the police to arrive,  but promptly go help our friends and neighbors.  Only rarely does a civilian shoot the wrong person.   Most of us are much better shots than law enforcement because we practice and we take care of our weapons.

Anthony Keith is a wonderful Everyman.   His trials and tribulations have made him stronger and wiser.  He sees clearly and he is determined to protect his country.  Every Democrat claims to want to protect America and Americans,  but none of their proffered policies do anything but deprive you of your God-given liberties and diminish your country. and fatten their own pockets.   The people who want to rule over you are those who gathered around Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s home demanding somebody kill him.  He has protection.   What do you imagine they would do to you?

i always write or call the Left and tell them to go first.  Capitol Hill police should be disarmed immediately,  and no Congress critter or other federal employee may have armed protection of any sort at work or at home.  Their residences must all have signs showing which read “This is a gun-free zone.”  I have tried for many years to give one of them to anti-gunners and could never persuade anybody to take them.   Consider every upcoming election a broken-glass election.  Do your part to keep us free,  patriots!


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August 14, 2019 at 10:01 am

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Nutty Northam…

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Virginia Governor Ralph  Northam must  think we are incredibly stupid.  He thinks infanticide is just dandy, and apologized for appearing either in blackface or as a KKK member in a school yearbook, before saying the photos are not of him and he has never seen them before.  He would have moonwalked in his latest obfuscating presser if his wife hadn’t intervened.  There are reports of a staff meeting yesterday during which he’d  decide on  resignation but there’s no proof yet.

I’d like to say I’m surprised,  but I’m not.  He is fully representative of the party of death.   I pity the poor citizens of Virginia,  but I look forward to watching the Democrats try to resuscitate him,  then try to get rid of him.



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February 4, 2019 at 3:58 pm

Iran’s new jet isn’t…

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The just unveiled Kowsar fighter appears to be a two-seater Northrop F-5F Tiger II, meaning it’s “indigenous”  only if Iran has become America’s 51st state  (58th, if you use  Obama’s numbers).   It belongs to Iran only because Iran purchased it from the USA.

For once,  CNBC actually gets a story mostly correct,  even acknowledging that Iran may still have a few dozen F-5s.   Whether any of them still fly is another question.

What Iran apparently  does have  is a Lamborghini,  allegedly reverse-engineered from the ground up.   The real Murcielago was produced between 2001 and 2010.   No word on whether the copy actually runs…


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November 25, 2018 at 2:18 pm

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Bigoted news…

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Longtime political journalist Stuart Rothenberg,  apparently in hysterics now that the governor of West Virginia has announced he’s leaving the Dems to become a Republican,  has sent out a series of tweets bashing the citizens of  the state as illiterate lay-abouts.   ABC and NBC were apparently too traumatized to  even report  on the party switch.

As John Nolte at the Daily Wire notes,  all of  Rosenberg’s smears were lies,  and easily proven to be so.   I very much doubt Rothenberg has ever set foot much outside of New York and D.C.,  much less actually in West Virginia.  I have,  and much of it is very pretty country with very nice people with mostly Southern manners,  though they alertly are a bit wary of Yankees as are most Southerners with any serse of history and good sense.   If my memory serves,  Rothenberg wrote last year that Republicans needed to get past immigration as a political issue if they wanted to attract enough non-white voters to win anything.  When I’m not too lazy to look up the exact quote,  I shall email it to him so he can chew on it for a while.


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August 5, 2017 at 4:09 pm

Dear lying media…

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…if you’re the least bit curious about why most Americans find you a corrupt,  slimy lot undeserving of the protections which our Constitution affords you,  you might try telling  the truth  about the recent shooting in Fresno.   You  substituted “God is great!” for the shooter’s shouted words of  “Allahu Akbar!”,  knowing full well that your deliberate omission of the Arabic words was misleading at best.   Of course,  CNN  simply ignored the inconvenient story altogether,  lest it interfere with its narrative of mistreated and misunderstood peaceful Muslims.

Or you could have National Public Radio  stop peddling  the endlessly repeated lie that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms.   It does not,  but it does provide referrals for that and most of the other procedures it claims to offer.   The fact that Barack Obama helped spread the falsehoods during his presidency does not serve to make them true.

Of course,  the Fresno police haven’t  much clarified  the matter by declaring this a hate crime based on race because the killer of four was black and all the victims were white.  Can we say  “terrorism”  boys and girls?



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April 19, 2017 at 12:17 pm

Ahmed Chalabi, R.I.P.

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What might have been in Iraq if the State Department and the CIA had not vilified and lied about Ahmed Chalabi.   He was probably the one man who could have unified the country after Saddam’s ouster,  because he both understood democracy and embraced its tenets.   But the entrenched,  long-term corruptocrats at State and the CIA feared Chalabi and found him much more useful as a scapegoat when they failed to find the WMD Saddam had hidden.

Remember this when you vote.   A status quo candidate gives you the continuation of the same bad judgment already endemic at these agencies.   In this election,  Hillary will give you the same lawlessness and corruption which His Oneness has brought.   In fact,  she will depend upon it to stay out of jail,  and she will commit further crimes as her due.

UPDATE:  Here is  someone who disagrees strongly.




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November 4, 2015 at 10:14 am

Sexiness of fertility rates…

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Democrats do not support life.   They support unfettered abortion and open borders,  the latter to use people from other countries to make up for all the unborn babies who are destroyed.   I am not anti-abortion,  but I do believe it should be seldom used,  not a tool for birth control.

Carl Jackson has a hard-hitting article explaining  the Left’s position,  and the lies it tells to avoid admitting them.   Nations with fertility rates which fall below 1.5 die.  We are at 1.9,  not very far away.   Democrats must now depend on the votes of illegal aliens to retain power.   Why do you think they clamor for amnesty and for calling them  “undocumented”,  when most of them have more  “documentation”  than you or I do?

The fact that 30% of those surveyed think Hillary Clinton would be a good president shows you that lying and cheating don’t bother Democrats much.   They are very much exemplars of “the end justifies the means.”   They simply do not think that Hillary’s bald-faced lies to the families of the Benghazi fallen or to the American people matter that much.   They see nothing wrong with promising to use my money to buy the votes of people who want to live off my hard work without putting forth their own sweat.

Think fertility rates don’t matter?   Consider that China  has now  changed its longstanding one-child policy,  not because the ChiComs give a happy damn about human rights,  but because they need more people in the economy and they don’t allow foreigners in.

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November 1, 2015 at 11:49 pm