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More Easter 2016

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Holy Week 2016 was  quite a  week,  and not in the best sense,  I’m afraid.  The Easter message from Pope Francis didn’t  offer much  hope from my point of view,  but perhaps others found it comforting.   The  “weapons  of love”  the pope mentioned are of limited value against firearms,  and none at all against the bombs set off by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar at an amusement park in Pakistan,  killing 29,  mostly women and children,  and injuring hundreds more.

A group of very  bad parents  in Connecticut didn’t manage to kill anyone, but did leave one child bloodied.    The nation’s parents-in-chief held their final Easter  Egg Roll on the White House lawn.   As always,  the event was about the Obamas.   What a surprise.

Mother Angelica,  founder of the EWTN network,  died at the ripe old age of 92 on Sunday.   I wasn’t a devotee of the network myself,  but if you aren’t familiar with this  Franciscan nun’s  back story,  you  should learn about her.   It just might give you what His Holiness failed to.

It was a good time to  reflect on  good and evil,  and to take David French’s advice to  find courage  in Easter.  Considering the times,  it’s not startling that more Americans  are rediscovering  their faith.   Let’s end on a lighter note with some favorite  dioramas of  Peeps,  the Easter candy everyone loves to mock.




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March 28, 2016 at 11:52 pm

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9/11 in the rear-view mirror…

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The Million Muslim March was a  complete bust,  with only a handful of participants, equaled by a group of Christians nearby.   The bikers  did far  better,  apparently getting  about half  of their goal,  and unlike the victims whining victimhood,  they were  about remembrance  and sacrifice,  and the ordinary people who  stepped up  that day.

Debra Burlingame,  sister of hero pilot Chic Burlingame,  went from  liberal to conservative.   She has found peace on a different path  than one  of the eyewitnesses.    Esquire magazine cared so little that it  botched its  coverage with a grotesquely misplaced caption.   The Massachusetts Port Authority cared so little that it conducted an  unannounced fire drill  at Logan Airport, where two of the hijacked planes departed from. Logan.

Since we have former congressman Ron Paul  blaming 9/11   on U.S. foreign policy,  it seems that former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is correct to  question whether  we have learned the proper lessons from 9/11.   David French  certainly  thinks not,  and the federal  government has  not.   We are  still a target  for terrorists,  though whether Capitol Hill is or was is still  a matter  of dispute.    There are still  things to  be discovered.   If you can bear an informative look back,  check out National Review’s  archives.





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September 12, 2013 at 11:46 pm

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