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Scalia funeral…

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I am Protestant,  not Catholic,  but the Catholic funeral mass is a truly beautiful ceremony.   This one  was commending the soul of Antonin Scalia to God,  a man who served God and the nation nobly and well,  a man who argued passionately to defend the Constitution which was designed to protect the people of America.

Liberals and progressives sneered at him for being a Constitutionalist,  for denying their convenient belief that the document was living and could thus be molded anew to fit every new whim of the court.   Whether you agreed with Scalia or not,  his arguments were logical,  rational,  and solidly fastened to the meaning and context of America’s great document,  and if you have any appreciation for an orderly mind,  you should read some of his work.

The high and mighty were in attendance,  except of course,  His Oneness and Our Lady of Perpetual Dissatisfaction,  who spent a couple of minutes at the viewing the day before and gave a raft of lies as excuses for skipping the mass.   Many ordinary people were there,  which I think Justice Scalia would have appreciated,  valuing family as he did.   The most moving role to me was Father Paul Scalia’s  homily.   How difficult it must have been for the son to officiate at his own father’s funeral!   He did so gracefully, leaving us all with something deeper to consider.



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February 28, 2016 at 11:46 pm

Left’s hatred for Scalia…

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Less than an hour after Justice Scalia’s death was announced,  the Left erupted in  unrestrained joy  over the news,  freely expressing its hatred of the man it holds responsible for protecting American citizens by upholding the Constitution in the face of governmental intrusion and treachery.

The tweets were bad enough,  but the  piece written  by a former Obama defense official takes the prize,  thus far,  for vitriol and incivility.   Yes, that would be the very same incivility which His Oneness periodically bemoans,  most recently  two days  ago,  blaming Republicans and conservatives,  while displaying no civility himself and setting the discourteous tone for his minions and supporters to ape.



Written by timeforthorns

February 15, 2016 at 11:23 pm