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7 biggest liberal fails of 2014…

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James Antle has a  list of what  he considers the seven largest liberal fails of 2014.   The only one I’d quibble with is No. 7,  because His Oneness made sure that the government did not keep track of who came in or where they went,  thereby granting them all effective amnesty without further ado.


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January 2, 2015 at 11:55 pm

Budget battle…

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Rep. Paul Ryan fired the opening salvo with his excellent Wall Street Journal op-ed,  but if you don’t have time for the full piece,  at least read Jim Antle’s post outlining the major points,  here.  What you must watch,  then forward to everyone you know,  is this video.

Let’s be clear:  in March,  the federal government spent more than EIGHT TIMES what  it received in revenue.  If you don’t regard this as serious,  you must be a dues-paying Democrat,  or the product of our government-run educational system,  where math is seldom taught lest the natives sense they are being lied to.

You are already seeing  some of what Andrew Stiles had predicted.  You will be seeing a lot more,  but make no mistake — Ryan’s proposal is actually  rather modest considering the depth of the hole we’re in.  Sen. Joe Lieberman is so far the only Dem to show any appreciation for Paul Ryan being an adult.

Michael Gerson thinks Obama has  Republicans cornered.   Jim Antle has a  number of   good posts on  the subject.   David Brooks rather grandly calls it  a moment of truth.   I don’t think I’d go that far,  since only one side is indulging in reality,  let alone truth.

Samuel Staley lays it out  nicely here and adds a nice piece on entitlements.  Douglas Holtz-Eakin has  some thoughts on Medicare and Medicaid reform,  and Veronique de Rugy confirms the plan  doesn’t privatize Medicare.

I’ll do another post on this later, because I need to finish reading through the plan myself.

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April 5, 2011 at 11:49 pm

Too government to fail…

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Jim Antle has a fine,  if dour,  piece on government and those who promote it.

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March 16, 2011 at 11:57 pm

Gibbs goes…Boehner begins…

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Robert Gibbs is  on the way out in February as the supercilious, sarcastic and patronizing press secretary for His Oneness.   His boss said only Monday that Republicans should not be starting their electoral campaigns, but His Oneness is beginning his own by turning Gibbs into a senior adviser and surrogate and should still have plenty of face time in which to insult Americans.  Meanwhile Gibbs has given us another alternative world answer on his master’s vote as a Senator  against raising the debt ceiling.

Byron York does a  merciless deconstruction of Nancy Pelosi’s graceless,  partisan parting speech in which she rewrites history and refers to herself almost as often as His Oneness does.   It’s worth noting that  19 Democrats did not vote for Pelosi for Speaker.  One of them voted for Steny Hoyer,  who’s now proclaiming that Tea Partiers come  from unhappy families.

Contrast that with new Speaker John Boehner’s shorter,  nearly pitch-perfect  acceptance speech.  (h/t  K-Lo at The Corner)  Do read the speech and see what you think.   It certainly sets the proper tone for me.   Rich Lowry  terms it a sackcloth and ashes speech,  and doesn’t mean it as a pejorative,  because it shows that Boehner got the message of November 2nd.   Jim Pinkerton saw it as more cheerful,  but still humble,  and it made Ryan Hecker hopeful.   Alvin Fetzenberger says  Boehner did just what he needed to do.


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National Review Online has  a symposium of predictions for 2011.   Brad O’Leary  just wants AG Eric Holder to resign.   Tom Korologos offers  some predictions at Politico.


Rep. Henry Waxman,  one of Nancy Pelosi’s chief allies and  man who always makes me think of a pig,  foresees more rancor in politics  — gee,  ya think?   Of course,  it will mostly be on the part of Democrats,  as it generally is.   Politico offers the 10 worst political decisions.

The Boston Phoenix makes  some political prognostications.  Jim Antle bravely  —  and amusingly  —  points out some that he got wrong last year.  The Center for American Progress insists that Washington  won’t determine the success of His Oneness in 2011.

The WaPo has a  list of what’s in and what’s out for the new year.   It struck me as rather strange.   The Washington Times made more sense with its  likely and not so likely  news of 2011.   Peggy Noonan has  a sweet piece on  the origins of  “Auld Lang Syne”,  our unofficial New Year’s song and seldom heard at any other time.

Michael Ramirez has a  year-end cartoon which ties neatly into my title of the god who looks both back and forward.   Here’s one that’s rather  more hopeful.

I’m cooking black-eyed peas and turnip greens and ham for New Years,  keeping up the old Southern traditions.  Throw in some fresh cornbread and it’s a tasty meal any time of year.  But the slow cooking lets me watch the Rose Bowl Parade and clear away Christmas and start on my next box of items for the Salvation Army,  one of the few charities worth its salt in my book.

It looks like rain,  so Big Girl and I probably won’t be outside much — for a beast who’s half Great Pyrenees,   she sure hates getting her head wet.   She’s not much help inside,  having to inspect every item which is moved from one spot to another,  but if any of them dare transmogrify into sabre-toothed tigers,  I’ll be very well protected.

Happy New Year to all,  and may 2011 be more prosperous and fulfilling for all of us and those who matter to us.

Deportation follies…

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Jim Antle has a superb  post explaining why you’ve seen Sec. Napolitano and various other DHS and ICE officials all over your TV bragging about all the criminals they’ve deported.   He uses DHS numbers to show that while deportations of criminal aliens is indeed up,  there has been a big drop in  everything else,  and we can look forward to there being zero enforcement against non-criminal illegal aliens to go along with unsecured borders.

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October 9, 2010 at 9:17 am