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Accidental truth…

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You would think that the Huffington Post,  a stalwart progressive fountain of group-think,  would protect hillary Clinton when she accidentally tells the truth about something,  but in this one instance,  you  would be wrong.

Mrs. Clinton has always been  extremely flexible  and picky when it comes to defending oxen which have been gored…..




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January 28, 2018 at 3:10 pm

Hillary’s smart?

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Once upon a time she had some intellectual firepower,  but the rottenness of her character has destroyed her gray cells at an alarming rate.   I don’t use Twitter,  I don’t follow anyone on it,  even though I can compress a thought into the small amount of space it allows,  but even I know that her praise for   her husband for not being on Twitter while President is idiotic,  because Twitter didn’t exist until about a decade after she and Slick Willie  left the White House.

That should tell you just how stupid and inattentive she thinks We the People are.   that means you,  chump.



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November 21, 2017 at 4:27 pm

Race-card politics…

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The Democrats’ use of the race-card in their never-ending employment of identity politics instead of actual policies is exquisitely skewered by Ed Rogers  here.  Fortunately,  for the good of the nation,  Democrats are either unable to grasp the very real harm their position do to the country or they simply don’t give a damn,  so they keep repeating the same mistakes.   They truly believe they have not merely the right,  but also the duty to call any opponents hateful names and hurl the most dreadful invective against them  —  hence Hillary’s  “basket of deplorables.”

I assure you Hillary did not think of that term unaided.  We the People responded by having T-shirts printed up which read “adorable deplorable” and which enraged more than a few progressives.   It is the Democratic swamp which protects group-think and the go-along to get along mindset.  Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is not a Republican,  and neither are the people he assaulted and put the squeeze on.  What we do know is that his victims were willing to exchange their bodies for career advancement,  which to my mind says more about them than it does Weinstein.   The same is largely true of people who blindly vote Democratic,  no matter how damaging it is to them to have Democrats actually in power.  One plays the race-card when one has nothing else to offer….

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November 2, 2017 at 1:42 pm

She’s never gone…

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There is an old  country song  by Dan and the Hot Licks which asks “How can I miss you when you won’t go away?  I very much doubt Hillary Clinton has ever heard of it,  much less listened to it,  but it should be her eternal theme song,  because she won’t go away either.   Peggy  Ryan absolutely nails the former First Lady  here.

UPDATE:  The American Spectator takes it a  step further.



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October 21, 2017 at 4:07 pm

Hillary’s toe…

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The woman just  can’t stop  lying,  can she?  When does she wear heels?  The woman can barely walk,  as evidenced by the photos we saw of her being hauled up steps like a sack of feed during the campaign, so she wasn’t running anywhere.  She told us years ago she drank only tea, and if you’re running downstairs in heels you don’t fall backwards.

I’ve had a broken toe,  and all the doctor did was tape it to its neighbors,  tell me to walk slightly duck-footed and not to play kickball for a few weeks.   You don’t need a boot on a broken toe.   Why does Hillary! imagine we would believe her?



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October 18, 2017 at 3:26 pm

Blathering bitches…

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A note to Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton:  As a female, I need no advice from  either of you  on how to live or how to vote.   Neither of you speaks for me.  In fact,  both of you speak against me and my interests,  and both of you have spent your lives working to undermine values I hold dear.   You both are more than happy to lie to advance your causes, and both of you are married to men who lie repeatedly and broke their oaths of office on a daily basis,  One of you is married to a serial adulterer,  but you knew that when you married him.  Both of you produced children who are arrogant and uncaring and have a sense of entitlement the size of Texas.

Neither of you have ever done anything truly useful for the nation which has given you so much.   What We the People have received from you is a fine display of bad intentions,  bad judgment,  flexible morals,  endless preaching,  copious disdain and bountiful displays of vast ignorance about the ordinary citizens of this country,  who you denigrate and mock and sneer at on a regular basis.

You wrap yourself in the flag and pretend to admire the military and law enforcement while inviting killers  and  other rancid  characters  One of whom you allowed your daughter to work for)  to the white House and demanding that illegal aliens and gangsters be given more rights than citizens in this country.  Your fondest wish is to disarm citizens to ensure they have no means of resisting the government swamp creature.  Hillary!  has already displayed  her vast  ignorance of  guns and  silencers,  so I expect our Lady of Perpetual Dissatisfaction will chime in shortly.   I will listen for the sole purpose of being able to laugh at the absurdity of her pronouncement.


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October 7, 2017 at 3:47 pm

The real collusion…

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…all belongs to the Obama Administration.    Daniel John Sobieski  lays it out for  you,  from the felonious conduct of former FBI director,  James Come,  to Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton and efforts to make sure Hillary suffered no real legal consequences for her multiple violations of half a dozen federal laws. to the sudden hiding of records pertaining to Susan Rice and her unmasking of U.S. citizens in intelligence reports.

 All you Obama-lovers out there should remember the root cause of all this hot mess is the same man who told FOX News there wasn’t a hint of scandal in the IRS or anywhere else in his administration,   and the same man who assured a top Russian official he’d have  “more flexibility” after the election, and the same man who repeatedly said  “If you like your doctor,  you can keep your doctor” while extolling the virtues of ObamaCare, especially the lowered costs and better coverage,  none of which was ever even remotely true.
The Obama Administration was full of individuals who lied and colluded to fool the American people, and have continued to lie and obstruct to avoid just and due prosecution for their crimes.   Add to this the misconduct of the FBI and various Obama officials  in the witch-hunt  of Gen. Mike Flynn and you get a sense of how deep and wide the rot is.


Written by timeforthorns

June 28, 2017 at 1:11 pm