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Glenn Beck says he  is embarrassed  that he ever supported Sarah Palin.   He has many things about which he should be embarrassed,  but supporting someone who loves this country and what it represents without reservation or hesitation is not amongst them.  He  must know this.

Yes,  I know today is 9/11,  but I’m scanning the coverage and weighing how it has changed in fourteen years.   I’ll have a post on it tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Breitbart has the  backstory here.

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September 11, 2015 at 11:54 pm

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Beck TV…

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Glenn Beck has  a huge ad up  in Times Square announcing it.  I imagine most of the people who see it are not fans.

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September 18, 2011 at 9:14 am

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Media poison…

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I am fed up with liberals screaming for civility in political discourse,  then claiming conservatives are responsible for the attack on Rep. Giffords,  joined by their progressive media cabal.   I will give them credit for stretching the rubber-band of creativity well past the breaking point of credulity.   This  has been going on a very long time,  and  also recently.

I am not inclined to be gracious  about the attack  as some of Mark Krikorian ‘s collected advice says.   Nor do I think the answer is as difficult to discern as Heather MacDonald does.

Politico  brings up Giffords “green” votes,  and Keith Olbermann’s hypocrisy in calling for an end to violent rhetoric is exposed by Katrina Trinko.   Paul  Krugman hasn’t done   any better.   Neither man will  heed advice to take a rhetorical cold shower.   Read Victor Davis Hanson on  political vultures,   Jay Nordlinger on  unending hypocrisy,  and be surprised by one source of scolding of the media.

I agree with Roger Kimball that the  Left is wrong to tie metaphorical violence to literal violence.   Unlike John Podhoretz,  I think only some of us  want to know Loughner’s motives.  The Left has no interest in the early surrender of a bloody shirt to wave.    In any event politics didn’t create the shooter’s sickness.    At Slate.com Jack Shafer  defends heated speech.   Glenn Harlan Reynolds calls  it the  politics of  blood libel.

I don’t like Glenn Beck’s challenge letter because it ignores the fact that it is the Left which screams loudest about violence and is quickest to accuse others of it,  but it is most often some element of the Left which employs violence or the threat of  it.   Andrew Klavan  expounds.

It would drive the Left nuts to know that Giffords is being treated by a  Navy doctor who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Counter-Beck rally…

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Liberal groups are holding their rally to counter Glenn Beck’s very successful one this Saturday.  MSM is conveniently omitting the names of some of the most radical groups —  here they are.

The theme appears to be  recommitting to change,  indicating how clueless they are.   The official name seems to be the  One Nation rally.   They will receive  very favorable treatment by the media.   RSVPs must not be going well since the Huffington Post is offering free  buses to transport  the astro-turf minions,  and His Oneness is  touting the event.

UPDATE:  Well,  color me confused.  There appear to be 2 rallies, but both are to be supported by the same sorts of people — you know,  labor stooges,  communists,  socialists,  La Raza,  Code Pink — all the usual suspects.     The same people who will send their followers into the street to protest whatever reasonable steps Congress might take if led by Republicans with some notion of fiscal sanity.   It doesn’t much matter if you’re claiming your purpose is to  restore sanity and keep fear alive,  or make America one nation if you’re lying the whole time,  does it?

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October 1, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Revolt of the bourgeois…

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You simply must read Rich Lowry’s  sparkling piece on the polite,  tidy people who attended Beck’s rally,  and the equally determined Tea Party members who could not be there.

The National Mall was a  garbage-filled mess  after His Oneness was inaugurated.   Contrast that with the  spotless remains of the Restoring Honor rally.   Or go  back to the 2009 Tea Party 9/12 rally.

Responsible people pick up after themselves and others.   The rest of you wait for the government to do it for you.   Guess which group I’d rather be in?   Yeah,  the one composed of rational adults.

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September 4, 2010 at 10:41 am

Restoring America…

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I didn’t attend Glenn Beck’s rally on Saturday,  but I know some of the people who did.   Whatever you think of Beck,  you have to applaud the funds which will go to the Special Operations  Warrior Foundation.   A conservative blogger who warned about unsafe areas of D.C.  created a firestorm.    Having lived in D.C. for a couple of years myself,   I think it was a public service.    No matter whose head count/guesstimate/estimate you use,  media bias clearly exists.   Plenty of it was  on display before the event.

Al Sharpton’s march,  titled as a  counter-rally,  didn’t have the numbers,  and most shots show a sour man bellowing at the crowd of  activists and union goons,   not the  smiling faces at the Beck event hearing messages of faith,  hope,  and charity.

PowerLine was  in attendance at the Mall.  Don’t bother reading Frank Rich’s piece;   just read Timothy Carney’s  critique of it.   Then read what  one black attendee  at the Mall had to say, which is the exact opposite of the hysterical reaction of liberals  such as Mary Mitchell  and Bob Herbert.   Let’s hope none of  them read this in the Christian science Monitor.

His Oneness,  of course,  paid  no attention to the rally,  being so far above the fray.   Hear from  some who  attended.   I think Beck  just proved that  nobody owns August 26th.

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August 30, 2010 at 8:10 am

Obama’s bus rolls on…

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Tom Blumer at the Washington Examiner has come up with several reasons why His Oneness  was so quick to throw Shirley Sherrod under the bus.

The NAACP is now claiming it was snookered by FOX News,  but Brietbart’s point was that the NAACP group’s reaction was racist,  not Mrs. Sherrod herself,  which lib talkers and MSM are trying desperately to obfuscate.  See  the video for yourself.

And don’t you know that Glenn Beck’s  defense of Sherrod is driving them all mad?

UPDATE:  Rosslyn Smith asks  some questions about Sherrod.

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July 21, 2010 at 8:32 am

Where are you?

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Glenn Beck had an interesting show the other day which made use of the Nolan Chart,  which is a set of  10 questions to help you determine your political category  (you take take it here ).   The gamut runs from total government (left) to total absence of government,  or anarchy (right).    Most know the USA has long been,  and still is,  a largely center-right country.    As a people we tend to be wary of the extremes at either end of the spectrum,  but we sometimes can be fooled by pretty rhetoric and skillful liars.

If you’re interested,  I measure out as more libertarian than conservative,  but as is always true in such tests,  some of the answers didn’t fit me well.

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March 5, 2010 at 9:51 am

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