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A baby squirrel?

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I realize baby squirrels separated from their families can be alarmingly focused on  finding a new creature to have a home with,  but I would find it humiliating to call the police because one was following me.




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August 12, 2018 at 2:25 pm

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Safety not guaranteed…

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Jonathan Last has written a  marvelous article  about taking his young son to Yellowstone National Park.   Every parent should be required to read it, but especially the helicopter parents.   You all know some,  ever present,  ever ready to interfere if their little darlings are at risk of getting a boo-boo.

I grew up on a farm,  and was taught early and often that actions have consequences and that you are responsible for keeping your brain in gear and reacting appropriately to your circumstances.   I was taught how to behave around horses and cattle and farm equipment.   I learned which snakes were poisonous,  how to recognize rabid animals,  and what the proper courses of action were when confronted by them.   My parents kept an eye on me,  but generally with such subtlety that I was unaware.   Of course,  my father thought that at age eight I was perfectly capable of riding several miles of fence line on my very large horse with only my faithful dog accompanying us.   He was correct,  but some government ninny would probably try to charge him with child endangerment or neglect in this day and age.

The lessons I learned about the natural world as a child carried over into adulthood,  and have kept me safe all over the world,  including Yellowstone itself.   ear spray wasn’t available when I visited,  but I did have a stout oak hiking staff which would have proved as useful in fending off bears as it did an annoyed rattler the group ahead of me on the trail had stupidly messed with.

Take all your children to Yellowstone for the beauty and the education.  Or take them to one of the nation’s many national parks and forests.  Or just to a local park,  if it still allows swings and has a little pond to muddy your feet with.  Humans are basically advanced chimpanzees,  so if your children learn to navigate the natural world they’ll have a good start on finding their path through the pitfalls of the human world.




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August 29, 2016 at 11:53 pm

What Americans are most afraid of…

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This survey  has some interesting results.   Apparently some of us are paying attention and actually see what’s going on,  while some of us remain committed to our oblivion.



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October 15, 2015 at 10:08 am

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Political correctness allowed child sexual abuse…

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This is where political correctness and fear of being accused of racism has led Great Britain.   The horrifying details are not properly conveyed by the bland phrase “sexual exploitation.”   Try  rape,  murder,  sodomy,  assault,  torture,  and any other horror you care to add.   This is what happens when you  tolerate intolerance.

The police dismissed the victims brave enough to come forward.   Why?   Because Rotherham’s local authorities were craven cowards and should all be in jail,  until such time as they roast in Hell.   Many of the victim’s families refuse to speak, knowing the police will not help them,  and well aware that the mostly Islamic males from Pakistan who committed the crimes against them have almost literally been caught with their pants down and suffered no inconvenience as a result. It isn’t as if the British  weren’t warned.   Multiculturalism can be a deadly disease.

You think this could never happen here?   Consider how many teachers and religious figures have been convicted of child abuse.   Ponder how few of them came from a culture where women and children are considered chattel at best.   Yes,  there are many Muslims who find such abuse abhorrent and unthinkable,  but there are many who find nothing morally reprehensible about using power to abuse others.   The world is regrettably full of such examples,  like this.   There are many  more in  Europe.   We have plenty of people in this nation who feel the same way,  and too many of them are collected in Washington, D.C.

The U.K. committed a grievous offense when it disarmed its citizens,  because it left the people with no means of defending themselves against predators and contemptible politicians.   Democrats have spent decades trying to do the same thing to Americans.   Liberals and progressives know perfectly well that they can not do as they really wish so long as We the People are armed.   In the history of the earth,  no government which has instituted a gun registry has failed to attempt to confiscate the weapons registered.    Put more simply,  the gun-grabbers know they plan to do things for which they should be shot,  so they must disarm you before doing them.

In the interests of full disclosure,  I belong to a several gun rights groups,  but the one I find most effective is the National Association for Gun Rights  (http://www.nationalgunrights.org/).   It is non-partisan,  and looks at politicians only through the lens of Second Amendment protection,  advocating for grassroots education and advocacy.   I can tell you that it is always enjoyable to melt down a politician’s phone lines and overwhelm his email account.

UPDATE:  As he so often does,  Daniel Hannan offers a  slightly different  take on the Rotherham mess,  pinpointing anti-racism.    These two sentences tell you all you need to know about multiculturalism,   political correctness and fear:  “If you take a group of people,  not all of them terribly bright, and encourage them to be more concerned with following procedure than with doing the right thing;  if you elevate compliance over conscience;  if you teach your staff them that everything – everything – should be seen through the prism of race,  you will end up with much injustice and an occasional atrocity. Islington,  Haringey,  Rotherham  –  the scale of the horror varies,  but the underlying cause doesn’t.”





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August 29, 2014 at 10:20 am