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Another Gore effect…

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Young and ignorant “climate justice” activists who marched on Washington D.C. last Saturday were confronted by a phenomenon which has happened so often that it has a name  —  the Gore effect.   It’s named after former Vice President Al Gore,  because so many of his climate hysteria events warning of us the impending doom of global warming were hit with snow and sleet and freezing rain.  This group was lucky —  they only faced wind-driven rain,  and temperatures 15 – 20 degrees cooler than average.

I find it quite amusing that Mother Nature so often contradicts climate rallies and marches and protests.   You’d think if she felt threatened she’d do a much better job of cooperating…



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July 23, 2018 at 3:07 pm

Earth Day 2018…

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The man who still proclaims himself the founder of Earth Day is a convicted murderer currently  serving a life sentence.   Most activists credit Wisconsin Sen.  Gaylord Nelson  instead.   It is no accident that April 22nd,  Vladimir Lenin’s date of birth,  was selected for Earth Day.   His s  communism is more indicative of the eco-Nazis  tactics and views than that of naturalist  John Muir,  whose birthday only one day earlier would seem a better fit for people proclaiming their love of the earth and nature.

President trump is quite correct when he  says that  the environment and the economy go hand in hand.  Steven Hayward powerfully expands the argument here.   Reality requires both recognition and the application of some common sense,  both dangerously lacking in the environmental movement.  For example,  you have seen a thousand stories about President Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement,  an Obama disaster which did nothing more than transfer a lot of our tax  money to the rest of the world.  You have seen only a handful pointing out that the US leads the world in  decreasing carbon  emissions,  and it has done so largely without government mandates,  and certainly without the hectoring of Obama and his cronies who happily took taxpayer funds for their companies,  which went bankrupt.

Creativity in the energy industry will always produce more meaningful results than New York’s efforts  to ban  single-use plastic bags,  which will expose many more people to  bacteria from  reusable shopping bags.

Tim Worstall  explains why  you should be a capitalist free-marketeer if you care about the planet enough to want to actually do something for it instead of merely running your mouth and trying to persuade the government into forcing idiotic policies onto the populace.   Do you know any environmentalists?   Have any of them ever managed a plot of land larger than a flower pot?   Probably not,  but that never stops them from telling everyone how to manage the entire earth.

Let’s end with a contribution from  Twitchy,  the social-media monitoring site,  giving us the 10  dumbest tweets  of the day.



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April 24, 2018 at 3:38 pm

Earth Day 2017…

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Today is Earth Day if you’ve somehow managed to escape the eruption of doom and gloom and pending warming apocalypse  the media  has been spewing at  you for weeks now.   John Stossel correctly characterizes the warming hysterics as dopes and  refuses to follow  along,  God bless him.

Despite there being worldwide “March for Science” events,  there is very little science to back up any of the warming crowds claims.  My number one piece of evidence has long been that if Al Gore had ever actually believed there would soon be a 20 foot rise in sea levels,  why would he have purchased a house on the West coast which sat only a few feet above the current seal level.   I think Mr. Gore is not very intelligent,  but I am willing to credit him for being smart enough not to sink that much money into something which will be underwater in his expected lifetime.

In fact many of the climate warriors are quite clever, but the best they can offer is  junk science  and outright lies.    The U.S. government participates in those lies.  Having a temperature station in the middle of an asphalt parking lot in full sun with an air conditioning exhaust blowing on it qualifies as propaganda,  not science.

First of all,  I learned in my  7th Grade science class that a 99% probability of anything still means a 100% uncertainty.  I also learned that if the experiment isn’t repeatable, it means almost nothing.  You should know that most of the greenies and folks who sign various petitions and testify before Congress are,  at best, social scientists,  not engineers or physicists.  In contrast,  those who signed the Oregon Accords mostly held advanced degrees in hard sciences.  Wikipedia doesn’t get it all right, but it has a mostly fair  view of the Accords.   I find it embarrassing that an astrophysicist is  willing to ignore scientific standards in order to participate in the religion of his choice and gain recognition and popularity.

Big media,  ever obedient to the would-be destroyers of America conveniently omits many important facts.   Some organizations completely change their focus,  which makes me wonder what core principles they had to begin with.   Ann Coulter gives us a  good example in the Sierra Club.

I think I’ll just use my energy resources and follow Patrice Lewis’s  sage advice,  which is far more useful than the  inconvenient truths  the marchers so happily ignore while shrieking  that you are an environment-destroying witch.   By the way, note the size of the plants the marchers carry in the photo in the previous link  —  that is the largest plot of land most of them have ever managed in their lives.  I grow more citrus and produce in pots on my back patio than they could cope with if that’s all they did.   I run two compost bins year-round,  which is one reason my several dozen pots provide enough good stuff for 5 families.

UPDATE:  Joe Bastardi  puts  a professional  meteorologist’s spin on the whole eco-mad mentality.  Sen. Tim Kaine,  along with  many of  his liberal/progressive colleagues,  proves he doesn’t  know what  science is.

UPDATE:  The March for Science has almost nothing to do with actual science, and almost everything to do with politics and the grievance industry.   If you actually believe in science,  you don’t  cherry-pick the samples and results to suit your convenience.   I find it astonishing that many of the marchers are protesting against  “an assault  on facts” by populist politicians when the marchers are almost entirely bereft of facts.

Come on   —  real scientists  are aware  that such nonsense does not advance the reputation of their chosen fields of endeavors,  especially when the protesters are not actually  supporting science  but cheapening it to the point of parody.

It is instructive to recall  18 of the  prophecies  of doom delivered at and around the first Earth Day.   Most have been spectacular flops, which may be why so few people remember them.  You should so that you are better equipped to deal with the climate whores in the future.

UPDATE:  47 years ago,  our air  wasn’t nearly  as clean as it is now,  but you’d never know that if you listened to those supposedly marching for science,  would you?





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April 22, 2017 at 9:25 pm

Escape to Snowflake…

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If you suffer from what the small number of residents of this location in Arizona call “environmental illness”,   this is a  place where no one will call you crazy.   I can sympathize with the sufferers because I have a number of allergies myself,  though none of them are debilitating.  At worst they give me headaches,  itchy eyes,  eruptions on my skin,  stopped-up sinuses,  and make me incredibly tired,  but they don’t cause me pain and send me to my bed.

In fact,  I suspect most of them have very real symptoms,  and while they made be made worse by their desperate avoidance of what they believe to be triggers,  I doubt they are mentally disturbed except by the stress of having to live as they do.   I’m also not surprised that alternative medicine practitioners are the only physicians who have listened to them.   I considered it a grand victory when I got my own doctor to admit that all modern medicine was basically poison,  which is evident if you read the microscopic fine print in the packaging.



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July 11, 2016 at 11:48 pm

Vegetarians, despair!

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A new study finds that  lettuce is  worse for the environment than bacon.   I know several vegetarians and vegans,  and only one of them would I call a happy person.   The rest haven’t done their homework in the field of nutrition and are always hungry and out of sorts.   Another friend,  who was once a vegan,  calls her former lifestyle starving in slow motion.

Not to worry!   As a confirmed bacon lover,  I will continue doing my part to aid the environment.


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December 16, 2015 at 11:57 pm

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This should have happened…

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…years ago.   Thank God the Brits  are bombing  the heck out of the ISIS oilfields in Syria,  something His Oneness has refused to do supposedly because of the  environmental  impact and because he didn’t want to destroy infrastructure which could be used by the Syrian people.   The real reason was that His Oneness did not wish to fight ISIS,  even by severely damaging a major source of revenue for the group.   If he did,  Raqqa would have been reduced to a pile of smoking rubble years ago,  instead of being left to  the French,  to whom we provided the specific coordinates.

If you think back to the Gulf Wars,  when Iraqis set their own oilfields ablaze,  the environmentalists prophesied doom and disaster to ruin the world.   Thanks to American companies with long experience and technical superiority,  the wells were capped in remarkably little time,  then repaired and returned to service.

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December 5, 2015 at 10:09 am

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Air getting cleaner…

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The environmentalists and green power bosses will ignore the  data from  NASA’s Aura satellite showing that levels of nitrogen dioxide have plummeted across the USA over the last decade.  Of course the American Lung Association,  nearly half of us live in polluted air,  so the feds still have an excuse for ever more rules and regulations being enacted without even the pretense of common sense.  It’s a perfect excuse for the Obama Administration’s war on coal, which ignores how much coal the rest of the world uses and which we could exploit both to create jobs here at home and substantially boost our export balance.

And no one ever dares mention that Uncle Sam is the  largest polluter  of all.

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June 29, 2014 at 11:58 pm

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