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The Bennett hypothesis…

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When he served as Reagan’s Secretary of Education in 1987,  Bill Bennett advanced the argument that government student aid had a lot to do with the constant increase in the cost of higher education.   Numerous studies have  proven him  right.

Government aid has also encouraged colleges to offer courses and degrees in idiot things.   Yes, underwater basket weaving was a thing.   Pissed-off lesbian theory is still a thing.  So-called higher education is where a lot of the liberal freaks from the 60s and 70s went and they have taught generations of students to be as disaffected,  disconnected,  illogical and super-sensitive as they are.   They have meltdowns because someone dares disagree with their uniformed world view, or because they don’t feel they should be expected to cope with classwork and laundry and life.

I love knowing that my young cousins and friends will be competing with these snowflakes for jobs in the real world,  and my kith and kin not only won’t be burdened by thousands of dollars in student loans,  they will also have some work experience under their belts.





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December 28, 2017 at 3:52 pm

Independence Day 2017, Part II…

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You won’t be shocked to hear that Trump supporters  kicked off the weekend with  a march  at the Texas capitol.    Nor will you be stunned to hear that a group of about 100 pro-Trump folks crashed a weekend Impeach Trump rally in San Diego,  and despite being outnumbered between seven and ten to one,  managed to  drown out  the scheduled speakers by chanting “USA!  USA!”

I doubt you’ll be surprised that former president Obama is abroad on another of his wildly expensive vacations,  not  directly apologizing  for America’s past actions,  but warning  against nationalism.   I don’t view  patriotism  as a bad thing. President Trump will spend today honoring military  families,  unlike  the leader  of the Southern Baptist Convention,  a rather repulsive little man who despises the country he lives in.

Contrast that sour,  warped view of our nation with  that of  a Swedish woman who loves it and wants to rescue it.   Pat Buchanan wonders if America  is still  a country.   Or is Frank Lavin  correct when  he says that America is still the best place in the world to have an idea?   There is  some debate  about that.   Jason and David Benham have  some ideas  on how to save it.  Personally,  I see little actual discussion from the Left,  which has become so accustomed to emotional thinking it can no longer conquer the rigors required by logic and reason.   For me,  reading thinkers such as  Ayaan Hirsi Ali on freedom is  far more instructive.   Former Congressman Ron Paul can be a bit of a loon sometimes,  but he gets that Americans should be free from the  tyranny of  bad government.

We could certainly use  some modern patriots with the courage of the Founders.   It’s far more difficult to play around with such basic principles than it is the meaning of   our flag,  which the Left hates.     Liberals   universally loathe  Lee Greenwood’s song,  “God Bless the USA”,  which is a bit syrupy for my taste,  but I’m pleased to listen to it now and then.   “America the Beautiful” is a  bit less  sweet,  but no less uplifting.   Our national anthem is more militaristic and hideously hard to sing,  leaving a large collection of  various attempts  at its rendition.

Our troops get some scant recognition from a liberal,   here.    Some will even get a brief respite to enjoy  a celebratory  meal.   They should all be outraged that you  can’t carry  an unfurled American flag at Arlington National Cemetery.   Of course,  the intent of the federal statute was to prevent protests at military funerals,  but as is so often the case,  it is worded rather broadly.

Considering that the Left has run public education for many decades,  it’s no shock to learn that  only 52%  of Americans consider themselves  “extremely proud” to be American,  and a mere 34% of millennials do.   Of course,  23% of us  don’t know  who we achieved independence from  —  thanks liberals and progressives who burrowed into education!    I knew the correct answer before I hit first grade,  and what the hell is wrong with these peoples’ families?

I don’t think it should be the federal  government’s job  to tell people to handle fireworks carefully,  and it certainly doesn’t appear to do much good since 11,000 of us ended up in emergency rooms for related injuries last year,  but I freely admit it was exciting  to watch the Consumer Product Safety Commission spend $27,009 for video production in its annual demonstration about fireworks safety on the national mall last Tuesday.

Leave it to polymath Larry Kudlow to  point out  that freedom is the reason for the celebration on the Fourth of July.   President Trump tweets out a  video of  a band and chorus playing some unusual music,  and our First Lady thanked  the military  for preserving that freedom.

It is fitting that an injured bald eagle should  be rescued  in Washington D.C. this weekend.    So far our gathering has no injuries to pets or people,  and only a few slightly singed hot dogs  —  the penalty for allowing an adolescent to be in charge of the grill for more than 10 minutes.  I hope that wherever you are,  you are enjoying the freedom my own family and those of so many others through the years have been willing to fight to give you.   I hope you have plenty of tasty food and something ice-cold to drink to fend off the weather and that you come home safely.   Happy Birthday,  America!










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July 4, 2017 at 9:04 pm

Jack O’Neill, R.I.P.

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Jack O’Neill earned his iconic status in the surfing world by inventing the first neoprene wetsuit as a defense against the often icy waters off the northern California coast.   By the 1980’s,  O’Neill  was the world’s largest recreation wetsuit designer and manufacturer,  and the brand was global.

O’Neill regarded O’Neill Sea Odyssey,  a marine and environmental education program for children,  as his proudest achievement.

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June 6, 2017 at 11:26 am

Modern education…

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…at one school in New York apparently consists of  throwing out  all textbooks as being antiquated,  no matter how recently published,  and encouraging teachers to use worksheets and employ classwork to avoid actually teaching anything.   Little wonder Johnny can’t read.   Pretty soon he won’t even recognize a book.




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April 30, 2017 at 11:52 pm

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Dumb American youth…

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Walter Williams  explains why  American youth are so dumb.   Basically you can thank the liberals who took over our public education system and changed learning into indoctrination.   Unless they are studying hard sciences,  they learn very little beyond how horrible America is,  how  racist/homophobic/sexist Americans are,  and that climate change deniers are Hitlers in training.

They learn nothing about logic or reasoning,  which is why it’s so easy to brainwash them.    Years of having their self-esteem pumped up,  without justification,  has made them believe they are smart and wise and actually know something.   They don’t really know anything,  except they would surely collapse without their smart phones to organize their narrow lives. They are uneducated,  they don’t know how to learn,  and yet they think they are qualified to lead us.   Not on my watch.

As proof,  listen to the youth deploring the  “tone”  of this election  —  easy to do if you  know nothing  of history.

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October 25, 2016 at 11:46 pm

Great economy!

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If the Obama economy is so wonderful,  why are more U.S. young adults living at home than at any  time since  1940?   No,  we haven’t adopted the cultural habits of Italy or Greece,  where they have long tended to live with their parents until they neared their 30’s.   It’s the economy,  stupid!

They are encouraged to get degrees in fields in which there are either few jobs,  or in which immigrants,  legal and otherwise,  get the first call.   They have been taught nothing about working their way up the ladder and competing in the real world.   Rather than take a job for which they are overqualified or that doesn’t appeal to them,  they stay with their parents,  and no one talks bad about them, or the fact that they can’t pay back the student loans — that’s your taxpayer dollars they’re stealing,  and Hillary intends to steal many more of them to buy votes with.  I tutored others when I was in college,  and I typed papers for students and presentations for professors —  this was before the computer age,  so you had to be very accurate as well as fast.   I didn’t owe a cent when I graduated,  and I had a decent job and my own apartment before I was 23.

Finding a job that will do at least temporarily is easy when there is a growing economy,  but difficult when there is almost no growth in the private sector and increased regulations strangle the private sector daily.   Don’t kid yourselves — the only jobs Hillary and Democrats think are  “good”  jobs are government jobs.  Of course, if you land one, you will be unlikely to have to work very hard,  and as long as you spout the party line,  you will never be fired,  no matter how lazy,  useless and corrupt you are.   Of course,  if you retain an ounce of self-awareness,  you will either come to hate yourself or most of your co-workers,  but who cares?



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October 6, 2016 at 11:52 pm

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Favors to blacks…

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Few people write with the moral clarity of Dr. Thomas Sowell.   His brief dissertation on  the damage done to blacks by granting them soul-destroying  “favors”  is a must-read which explains much of the current racial tension in our country and its direct causes.

If you are black and still continue voting for Democrats after reading this, you are part of the problem,  not the solution.



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September 28, 2016 at 10:03 am