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Dumb American youth…

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Walter Williams  explains why  American youth are so dumb.   Basically you can thank the liberals who took over our public education system and changed learning into indoctrination.   Unless they are studying hard sciences,  they learn very little beyond how horrible America is,  how  racist/homophobic/sexist Americans are,  and that climate change deniers are Hitlers in training.

They learn nothing about logic or reasoning,  which is why it’s so easy to brainwash them.    Years of having their self-esteem pumped up,  without justification,  has made them believe they are smart and wise and actually know something.   They don’t really know anything,  except they would surely collapse without their smart phones to organize their narrow lives. They are uneducated,  they don’t know how to learn,  and yet they think they are qualified to lead us.   Not on my watch.

As proof,  listen to the youth deploring the  “tone”  of this election  —  easy to do if you  know nothing  of history.

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October 25, 2016 at 11:46 pm

Great economy!

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If the Obama economy is so wonderful,  why are more U.S. young adults living at home than at any  time since  1940?   No,  we haven’t adopted the cultural habits of Italy or Greece,  where they have long tended to live with their parents until they neared their 30’s.   It’s the economy,  stupid!

They are encouraged to get degrees in fields in which there are either few jobs,  or in which immigrants,  legal and otherwise,  get the first call.   They have been taught nothing about working their way up the ladder and competing in the real world.   Rather than take a job for which they are overqualified or that doesn’t appeal to them,  they stay with their parents,  and no one talks bad about them, or the fact that they can’t pay back the student loans — that’s your taxpayer dollars they’re stealing,  and Hillary intends to steal many more of them to buy votes with.  I tutored others when I was in college,  and I typed papers for students and presentations for professors —  this was before the computer age,  so you had to be very accurate as well as fast.   I didn’t owe a cent when I graduated,  and I had a decent job and my own apartment before I was 23.

Finding a job that will do at least temporarily is easy when there is a growing economy,  but difficult when there is almost no growth in the private sector and increased regulations strangle the private sector daily.   Don’t kid yourselves — the only jobs Hillary and Democrats think are  “good”  jobs are government jobs.  Of course, if you land one, you will be unlikely to have to work very hard,  and as long as you spout the party line,  you will never be fired,  no matter how lazy,  useless and corrupt you are.   Of course,  if you retain an ounce of self-awareness,  you will either come to hate yourself or most of your co-workers,  but who cares?



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October 6, 2016 at 11:52 pm

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Favors to blacks…

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Few people write with the moral clarity of Dr. Thomas Sowell.   His brief dissertation on  the damage done to blacks by granting them soul-destroying  “favors”  is a must-read which explains much of the current racial tension in our country and its direct causes.

If you are black and still continue voting for Democrats after reading this, you are part of the problem,  not the solution.



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September 28, 2016 at 10:03 am

University of Chicago letter…

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These days it’s rare to find a college which refuses to treat its students as delicate little snowflakes,  liable to melt at the slightest bit of upset.   I would never have guessed that the University of Chicago,  despite its long history of freedom of expression,  surrounded as it is by the massively corrupt Chicago political machine and its far-reaching tentacles,  would be the one to  warn freshmen  that they were to be educated,  not protected from the real world.

Jay Nordlinger has a podcast with Charles Lipson,  a professor of political science at this private university,  and a fine writer,  here.

UPDATE:  Could the University of Chicago done an even better job?   Ken White  thinks so.



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August 29, 2016 at 11:54 pm

Greek drama isn’t Greek yogurt…

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Finally!   An academic who get it,  and  swears that  the day she is required to give trigger warnings to the little snowflakes in class about teaching material which  might upset them is the day she quits teaching.

Apparently,  quite a few teachers feel this way,  but most of them are afraid to say so.  this professor is not,  and she should be applauded,  especially since most students favor trigger warnings and all the other nonsense liberal and progressive policies have put in place to protect students from actually having to think about anything at all.   Tyranny is so much easier when there is nothing to interfere with your ability to guide the little snowflakes…



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June 18, 2016 at 10:05 am

Appropriate away!

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I haven’t been on any college campuses lately,  and most of the youngsters I know haven’t completely fallen down the  cultural appropriation  rabbit hole,  but a couple have stuck their toes in the water.   I wondered if this could explain why the most strident feminists never have a word to say about how Islam treats women,  but then I realized they’re just too afraid of the potential consequences of exercising free speech if there’s a jihadist or two around.

I have ultimately decided it is just another way of finding something stupid to complain about and to scold others for,  another point for use in controlling the behavior of others,  which is the true ultimate goal of leftists.   I am happy i have the opportunity to appropriate whatever parts of others’ cultures which suit me,  or taste good,  or look beautiful or  are interesting.


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February 7, 2016 at 10:12 am

He marched too…

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This Marine has the  finest tweet  of all time,  in response to the clueless crybabies of the Million Student March who are demanding  “free”  college and forgiveness of student debt.    Even if you count all the protesters  at all  the campuses,  at most you  might get  a couple of thousand.   They are budding  little fascists  who know nothing of economics or common sense or history.   Watch Neil Cavuto let one of the organizers make a complete fool of herself  by displaying  her vast ignorance.   Has she never heard of the Pilgrims and their failed experiment in communism?

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November 14, 2015 at 10:15 am