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How testing works…

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This is an understandable article on what COVID-19 testing can and can not accomplish, and its very real limitations.  Most of those running about screeching “TESTING! TESTING!” don’t understand what the test can show,  much less what it means.   Not even virologists can say with certainty that having had the disease makes you immune to it, but the current view is that antibodies don’t recognize the whole virus.  Each antibody,  essentially trained to recognize a piece of a puzzle but not the whole,  binds only to a small piece of the virus.  Antibodies made by a person previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 may not recognize the parts of the virus used in a particular diagnostic lab test.   Or perhaps  the person’s immune system needed to develop only a small amount of antibodies,  beneath the level that a test could detect.   In either case, the test would show that the person didn’t have antibodies to SARS-CoV-2,  delivering a “false-negative” result.  Similar mechanisms could present a “false positive” result.  They are working with plasma from patients who recovered or showed no symptoms as a treatment for the seriously ill.   They are hoping that the combined antibodies will overwhelm the virus.

Testing is good for statistics.  It is helpful to know how many people were infected,  how many were asymptomatic,  how many cases were mild,  how many were serious, and  how many proved fatal.  The latter category will be tricky, as doctors are being urged to claim COVID-19 as the cause of death,  when an underlying health problem  actually caused the death of an infected patient.  We went through this same numbers game with HIV/AIDS, and to a lesser extent Ebola and other pandemics.  Medical facilities and health charities and governments get more more money if they have a pandemic and higher death rates.   If somebody lays some numbers on you,  ask if the patients died WITH or FROM COVID-19.  It makes a very large difference.

Some people have very robust immune systems.   I am one of them,  having nursed family members through rotavirus and norovirus,  neither of which I caught.   I have not had a cold in over 50 years,  and have never had seasonal flu.  I skipped the customary childhood diseases,  and my childhood was so long ago that they had few vaccines against them.  I can remember being given a sugar cube with Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine on it.  Remember that  polio was  never the raging epidemic portrayed in the media  (sound familiar?) .   Even during its height in the 1940’s and ’50’s,  ten times as many children died in accidents and three times as many succumbed to cancer.   It was still a very scary disease.  So is COVID-19,  but virologists and researchers are hard at work to learn how to defeat it.   They will succeed in at least taming it,  if not destroying it.

The experts don’t know it all, and are quite reluctant to admit how much they don’t know.    Take what they say with a large grain of alt and apply your own logic and common sense.   Be of good cheer and stay vigilant and prepared against those who are trying to use this crisis to destroy the economy and make you permanently dependent on the government for survival.  In the end,  I think we will find that the  lock-downs are  producing more deaths than the disease it is supposed to protect us against.

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April 23, 2020 at 1:05 pm

Cheap oil…

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…is  good for  consumers,  but with the U.S. largely shut down,  where is there to go?   Airlines are huge consumers of oil, and they are not flying.   Add to that the price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia,  and the prices are crashing.  For states like Minnesota which have to import oil, it’s great,  but it hurts oil-producers like Texas and North Dakota.

Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry  explains the  ramifications.   It would be better for us all if COVID-19 dies out and we get the country  — and the economy–  up and running again.

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April 3, 2020 at 1:58 pm

The real problem…

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According to Gallup polling,  27% of us say government is America’s most important problem.   What rock are the rest of us sleeping under?   Review  the chart  to see what the rankings were over the last 19 years,  then go educate your family and friends.   Wake up,  America!



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January 3, 2020 at 1:26 pm

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Black Friday shopping…

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The media served up steaming headlines of horse puckey about the big sale day being a bust this year.   Instead  it set records,  including being the  second largest  Internet shopping day ever.   Foot traffic at bricks and mortar stores may have been down a bit,  but online and phone orders were higher than ever.   We’ll know more after all the calculations are done.

It appears that shoppers  could ignore  the climate emergency and the  disruptions  of the climate Nazis,  even when led by the  treasonous Jane  Fonda.   I deliberately avoided the physical crowds,  though I did purchase a few things online very early in the morning when most sensible people were still asleep.   Once again,  online retailers were not prepared for  the crush of customers.

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December 1, 2019 at 1:42 pm

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Market high…

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The Left has been saying for three years that the economy is about to sink into recession.  The democratic presidential candidates all say some version of “Orange Man bad…economy bad…not helping anyone but the rich.”   Yes,  we do have a bad case of overspending,  and too many government employees,  and there are still loads of regulations and rules Trump can dispose of.   But the stock market  just reached  a  record high,  which is proof that many,  many people don’t believe the doom and gloom.   That may be because a large swathe of the public see the impeachment inquiry as a purely political ploy without basis,  and they calculate Trump is tough enough to keep doing what he promised to do and that his continued success will stiffen the backbones of Republicans and cast the Deep State into despondency.   Drive on,  Mr. President!

If you want to know why so many of the available jobs are rather low-paying  service sector  jobs,  thank the government.  But what do you expect when manufacturing is sent overseas,  and you have a president who spent eight years trying to destroy the carbon-based energy sector?

The ugly truth is that too  few Americans  are well-educated enough to perform the high-tech jobs.   We barely speak English and we are lousy at even simple math,  much less rudimentary problem-solving skills.  I am sick of hearing people proclaim how smart and aware young people are today.   They  are not.  Add to that the protests of the activists demanding $15 an hour minimum wage,  and you have many industries looking to automate to avoid being burdened with employees who can’t produce enough to be worth their salaries and benefits. No one ever suspected that cotton production would be fully mechanized,  even after mechanical planters and pickers arrived,  because there was no way to get rid of weeds other than by hand-pulling and hoeing.   But in the late 1930’s a retired Air Corps Colonel,  Price C. McLemore,  devised a method of flame cultivation which used burning fuel to kill weeds without damaging cotton.   The Alabama farmer had  done the  impossible,  and was awarded the Edward Longstreth Medal by the Franklin Institute for his invention.

Machines must be maintained,  and sometimes need repair,  but they don’t stage strikes,  or demand days off or extra breaks.   Companies exist to earn money for owners and shareholders by providing goods or services to consumers.  Most people work because they desire the wherewithal to purchase those goods or services.  Progressives believe companies exist to provide workers with jobs, and by extension, the USA exists to employ anyone and everyone who wishes to come here.   One of the problems is that many of those who come here wish only to latch onto the government teat,  and we are far too generous both in welfare assistance and immigration regulations,  few of which we’re currently allowed to enforce.  Wake up,  people!!

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November 17, 2019 at 1:43 pm

Such hate…

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Victor Davis Hanson is a classical historian,  an excellent author,  and a keen observer of mankind.   In  this article  he explains why Donald trump is so hated.   First,  you must remember that the Left believed 16 years of Obama and Hillary would permanently change America,  and forever crush conservatism.    Hillary failed,  so the Democrats and the media proclaimed that Trump would fail,  then set about trying to make it come true.   Never forget that We the People are the real targets of the Left,  but they have to go through Trump to reach us.   They resent every win we have and deny that Trump had anything to do with it.  I know liberals who insist that the economy improved under Obama and he should get all the credit because Trump’s policies and programs are racist and destructive.  People like Candice Owens and Lloyd Marcus terrify them because they fear black Americans will leave the government plantation which has done so much to destroy the black family.

It is your job to understand their goals,  to arm yourself with real facts and fortitude, and fight back at every opportunity.




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October 23, 2019 at 1:34 pm

Robert Mugabe…

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The Zimbabwean dictator lived  much longer  than he should have,  but he is finally dead at 95..   Like so many tyrants,  he claimed to be for the betterment of ordinary people,  but his violence against opponents and ruination of Zimbabwe’s economy are his legacy.  When a military coup threw him out of office in 2017 after 37 years in power,  I was rather hoping his malevolence would have already ended with a bullet to the head,  but it took longer to kill him,  which was probably more just.

Keep an eye out for American and European politicians who praise his scant good works and ignore decades of corruption and murder.   Monica Showalter  correctly calls  the evil man the “socialist curse of humanity”.

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September 7, 2019 at 2:25 pm