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Krugman flunks death…

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Paul Krugman provides living proof that winning a Nobel prize doesn’t make you smart or correct.   Recall that this economist is the genius who confidently predicted instant economic disaster should Orange Man Bad be elected.   Now he takes  on death  statistics,  working on the basic assumption that people in red states are fat,  poor,  and have a lower life expectancy than people like him who live in blue states.   Don Surber is so perfectly on point  —  let Krugman write that white people are more productive,  richer and better educated than blacks and Hispanics and see how fast hge is knocked on his lofty perch.   Based on the comparisons Krugman made,  he must think very poorly indeed of blacks and other minorities.   Well, of course he does –  he’s a progressive,  ain’t he?

Ben Shapiro expands the well-deserved ridicule for your reading pleasure,  here.



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December 6, 2019 at 1:53 pm

Capitalism produces wealth…

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Communism produces poverty and misery.   All the Democratic presidential candidates snarling that capitalism doesn’t reward worker bees sufficiently forget what public intellectual Tim Worstall observed at Forbes a few years back:  “The average American today is 90 times richer than the Average Historical Human Being.”

Capitalism,  as Sir Winston Churchill observed,  is the  worst economic  system in the world except for all the other systems.  It  is not perfect,  but with hard work it comes close.   Socialism has been tried dozens of time and has a perfect record  —  of failure…  I would note that those who force it into being seem to live quite well,  but the worker bees suffer greatly  under their rule, and that doesn’t even include the thousands the elites had to murder to impose the scheme. That so many young people today claim to prefer socialism should tell you they are wholly ignorant of history.  Most will admit they are drawn to the economic system because they don’t think they will have to work,  since “the government” will pay for everything.   They are so mathematically challenged they don’t grasp that there is not enough wealth available to foot the bill once,  let alone every year.   If we don’t start demanding that public schools teach instead of indoctrinate,  we will soon find ourselves with a populace so lazy and stupid that it is incapable of being helped by capitalism .

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December 5, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Resentment, not compassion…

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I’ve never believed a progressive who claims that high tax rates were necessary in order to help the poor and disadvantaged.   The clip of Margaret thatcher contained in this  Federalist link  is a perfect dissection of the true motives.  The statistical charts reveal what I’ve always thought about socialism and all the others of that ilk:  it’s resentment of the ability of capitalism to reward education, creativity, work and talent,  not compassion, which drives progressives.

It’s also useful to remember that the youngsters who think socialism works are clueless about what things actually cost and what goes into creating those costs, and finally,  value.  Perhaps this will help wake up some of your acquaintance.



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October 5, 2019 at 2:11 pm

China shift…

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Democrats shriek that Trump’s trade stance is hurting America, not China.   But when an economy shifts from buying manufacturing material to  buying food,  there is a big problem.   China has long had tremendous difficulty feeding its people,  and the government knows it looks bad when it offs a few thousand starving peasants.

The reality is that China’s economy has been weakened,  and it cannot withstand the hits it is taking.   Yes,  it could call due all the U.S. debt it holds,  but Pres. Trump could simply refuse to pay and accuse them of market manipulation (which China is certainly guilty of) and wait them out at the various world courts.   Meanwhile,  its people go hungry,  and hungry people can become very dangerous ones.   China already loses a handful or so of bureaucrats and Communist Party officials every month when they go traipsing into the hinterlands to lay down the law.   It does not want to have to deal with open rebellion within its borders from ethnic Chinese — bad P.R.,  ya know.   It also does not want the African nations which usually supply its nearly insatiable appetite for manufacturing materials complaining that they are closing mines and facilities because China is broke.

Does Trump understand this?   Of course he does.   Do the Democrats?  Perhaps a dozen of their congress critters can cope with the evidence before them,  but most have trouble keeping a checkbook straight,   and they don’t even bother to try when it’s my money and yours.

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August 18, 2019 at 1:42 pm

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Need proof…

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…that the public education system is failing at all levels?  Consider this report showing  that 46% of recent college graduates suffer from  “student loan regret”,  and that 25% would have chosen a less expensive college if they had known had difficult student loan debt would make their lives.

That tells me that these students were incapable of doing research on even a minimum level,  had no grasp of basic economics,  and apparently lacked the ability to handle elementary mathematics.   As former football star and U.S. congressman J. C. Watts once said,  if your outgo is more than your income, you’re in trouble.

An eight-year-old can grasp that concept.  Why can’t a college freshman?  I had a wide variety of jobs in college which kept me safely out of negative territory.  I bought used books,  did not mark them up,  and sold them back to the bookstore before the term ended so I got the best price for them.  Two things I never did were wait tables  and sling drinks,  as I was even then temperamentally unsuited to the work.  I walked dogs,  exercised horses and baby sat human babies,  pets and properties.  I set up a hunt for a pair of charming boys who could not walk,  and the joy on their faces was worth far,  fare more than the very nice check I got from their father.   I even filled in for janitorial staff from time to time.   Most colleges maintain registries which offer potential matches between students and employers.  The secret is that if you fill a temporary position in a superior manner,  your employer will often recommend you to his network and his buddies will offer you similar opportunities.   Are today’s college student so awful that no one is willing to take a chance on them?  Or are they simply too timid and lazy to even try?





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June 8, 2019 at 2:44 pm

Soda tax fail…

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Philadelphia  instituted a  soda tax under the customary progressive promise that it would improve the health of its citizens.   As has happened elsewhere,  the people simply went outside of the city to purchase soft drinks.   And since they were shopping elsewhere for sugary goodness,  they unsurprisingly bought a good bit of other stuff.   Progressives always fail to grasp the basics of human nature,  so they are shocked and perplexed that sales have declined,  revenue has declined,  and people are probably consuming more sugar than ever.

I have read dozens of such tales over the years.  I have never read one where a city’s sin tax worked out as intended.   The ones I like best are those where the politicians are caught deliberately avoiding the tax they have so self-righteously imposed on others.



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June 4, 2019 at 3:11 pm

#1 again…

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His Oneness told us this was a fabricated,  unreal metric  — largely because his statist policies were certain to prevent the nation from ever regaining the title of the  most competitive  country in the world in the ranking from the World Economic Forum.   Remember that we lost the title in 2008 under his stewardship,  and he spent the rest of his presidency telling us the bad economy was  “the new normal” and we needed to shut up and get used to it.

I didn’t believe Pres. Obama.   Neither did Donald J. Trump.





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October 18, 2018 at 2:04 pm