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Smart-ass car…

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I don’t want a vehicle which is smarter than I am, and I certainly don’t want one that believes it’s smarter than I am.   Therefore,  Cedric,  Volkwagen’s   driverless pod concept  just unveiled by VW ahead of the Geneva Motor Show,  is not for me.

I don’t particularly like so-called smart phones either, although I was forced to get one after my 14-year old flip-top kissed the floor and broke apart.   Of course,  part of the problem is that my body produces an unusual amount of electricity,  even when I’m calm and comfortable.  Vehicles are not quite so affected,  but the driverless models are more sensitive.  When I actually need a personal robot chauffeur,   I probably will be too mentally foggy to care,  but for now driving myself without assistance is both beneficial and enjoyable,  and I mean to continue the practice for as long as it’s safe.




Written by timeforthorns

March 9, 2017 at 12:24 am