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Green gasps…

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Germany is  backing away from nuclear power and that means a lot more coal will be used.   Oh,  the inhumanity of increased greenhouse gases!   Der Spiegel,  Germany’s leading left-wing publication,  ponders whether environmentalism is really working  —  hint:  the tag is  “Germany’s Eco-Trap.”

Chris Horner tells you what His Oneness  thinks about nuclear power,  despite his energy program calculating a large increase in nuke power in order to make the fantastic scheme work out on paper.   Horner  has a post up on the new green stimulus pork the Administration is trying to shove down your throats on top of the billions already wasted.

David Limbaugh ties  it into the broader non-energy view Obama fancies.   As Diana West notes,  the community organizer sees high gas prices  as a solution,  not a problem.   Don’t believe it?  Read about the thousands of jobs and billions in tax revenue the State Department’s fabricated environmental delay on the Canada-U.S. oil pipeline is costing us.   Or read  the administrator of the U.S. Energy Information Administration saying that drilling won’t help us any.

The Washington Times has  an editorial on the stupidity and danger of smart meters.

But one of the climate Nazis  continues to prosper,  despite being proven a liar yet again.   Michael Mann’s connection with the infamous hockey-stick graph should be like that annoying spot on your door that always bleeds through again,  no matter how many times you whitewash it.