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Tell me why…

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…Sen. Kamala Harris was right when she she said Friday black women deserve to have  a bigger voice  in the upper echelons of the Democratic Party.   She wasn’t correct,  because they don’t of course,  no more than white women do,  or pale African-Americans or copper-skinned Indians.  She is well experienced in identity politics because that is all she has, so she is going  after critics  of the practice early and often.

As for  “…thanking women of color for electing progressive leaders,”  we should be showing them the error of their previous ways.  We should point out what progressivism has done to Baltimore,  Detroit,  Cleveland,  Chicago,  Los Angeles,  Seattle,  Portland — I could go on,  but you get my drift.   No city with progressive government  does well by the people who live there.  Regardless of what Democrats claim,  socialism is not designed to level the playing field.   It is quite effective at keeping the elites living the high life while turning everyone without connections into the wretched poor of your average Third World country.

Sen. Harris need look no further than Maxine Waters in the House,  who is under  investigation  yet again for corruption.   Living in a fancy home outside of the district she represents,  while her constituents are amongst the poorest in the state — this is the face of black females in the Democratic Party,  and Sen. Harris won’t be the one to change that.




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August 5, 2018 at 2:48 pm

Meet the new Democrats…

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An attractive  young woman  has won a Democratic primary,  beating a ten-term Congressman,  despite campaigning with a known  anti-Semitic and racist.  This matters because Joe Crowley was expected to become the next Speaker of the House if the Democrats took it over.    The former speaker,  Nancy Pelosi,  doesn’t like  being compared  with the newcomer.   Sen. Bernie Sanders is over the moon with happiness because she is an avowed Democratic Socialist,  just like he is,  she is calling for Pres. Trump’s impeachment,  she thinks it requires “political courage” to raise taxes,  and claims ICE is running family-separation black sites at the border.

In other words,  just like Bernie,  she has no grasp of economics,  opposes the Constitution,  imagines the Bill of Rights protects only her and the like-minded,  and imagines We the People will meekly accept being ruled by her.   Yes,  she’s a bit of a lunatic,  but she truly does  represent the new face of the Democratic Party which has certainly been losing its collective mind ever since Trump was elected.

UPDATE:  I found  the platform  she ran on.   Heaven help us…



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June 28, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Rules don’t apply…

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…if you’re a Democrat,  right?   Well,  an intern for Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire has  been suspended  for a week for shouting an expletive at  Pres. Trump when he visited the Capitol last week.   Because it was on video and widely distributed,  Hassan had little choice but to give her intern a slap on the wrist,  but the potty-mouthed young woman is clearly in no danger of losing her job.

This is actually what progressives think,  and this is how they actually behave.  They have always been the most intolerant people on earth, and they have become progressively worse.  They won’t improve until they are ground into dust.  It is becoming our job to assist with that,  first by voting, and second by speaking out at every opportunity,  and by refusing to be cowed into silence by the bullies on the block.  Do your part.

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June 26, 2018 at 3:29 am

Poor policy…

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The trouble with Democratic gay candidates is that they display no class.  If the only way you can think of to piss off Donald Trump is to kiss your partner in your  campaign ad,  you are are low on intelligence,  information,  creativity,  and class.

I suspect most Democratic voters won’t find it a winning display either.

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June 8, 2018 at 2:36 pm

It would appear…

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…that the Democrats’ supposed unity is a sham.   A crowded House primary in the Houston area has revealed the  continuing war   in the party between progressives who backed Bernie Sanders and members of the establishment who spent so much blood and treasure trying to protect Hillary and ensure her ascension to the Oval Office.

The Blue Wave so confidently predicted by so many pundits for the mid-term elections may not materialize if this battle isn’t resolved.   I frankly don’t see an end in sight because the original cause has not gone away.  Why would it?  Part of the Democratic Party knows the DNC cheated like mad, and that Hillary doesn’t give a hoot about them.  The other part thinks the world would be fine if only Bernie Sanders’ socialist wet dreams were realized,  and like the good goons they are,  they are only too happy to blow things up — literally and figuratively  —  to get their way.

Yeah,   I am enjoying watching them claw each others’ eyes out….




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March 6, 2018 at 2:17 pm

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What will Democrats stand for?

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It has taken a week,  but the Republican National Committee has put out an ad whacking the Democrats for their sour, sitting on their hands performance at the State of the Union event.  It makes them look every bit as bad as their behavior was.  Have a look at it  here.

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February 7, 2018 at 3:14 pm

New Year 2018…

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The weather is nasty in much of the country,  including my corner of it,  so I plan to celebrate New Year’s at home in my sweats and warm slippers.   Assuming the power stays on despite the high demand for heat,  I may do some big-batch cooking.   I know I’ll be making dozens of trips to let BiG Girl in and out,  because she has a very thick winter coat and considers anything below freezing to be very comfortable weather.  In a decade I have never seen her actually behave as if she were cold.   Apparently if she becomes chilled,  she just runs up and down a fence line for a few minutes and then lies in the snow,  which melts on contact when she hits it

There is not enough money in the universe to send me to times Square for New Year’s Eve.   It was bad enough many years ago, but now I regard it as one of Dante’s rings  of Hell  to which I would not subject myself.

There are  plenty of  other ways to reflect on the end of 2017,  thoughtfully listed by the Corner’s Debby Witt.   There are also  many other  New Year’s traditions.   Now I don’t personally know people who totally fit these profiles,  but there are some who come pretty close.   What about you?

Australia has already started the celebrations  with spectacular  fireworks displays,  as usual,  and I’ll add more as updates if I run across them.   There is a great shot of one of the  fireworks barges  blowing up accidentally — oops!

If you live in California,  I’m afraid Gov. Moonbeam and his progressive pack of fools are offering you only disaster,  no joy.   Have a look at these six laws  which go into effect in the state on New Year’s Day.   They are insane and a prime example of the jack-booted thuggery progressives display when they are in charge.   Is it any wonder California had the most UFO sightings  last year?

Whether you are a Trump supporter or Trump-hater,  you have to admire his thumping of the Democrats and the Obama economy in  year-end tweets.   The general public apparently  isn’t listening  to the Democratic doomsayers as closely as it once did….

UPDATE:  I forgot to include Debby Witt’s always entertaining collection of links  involving the day.

Watch out tonight for a the  largest full  moon of 2018.








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January 1, 2018 at 2:19 pm