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Egypt burning…

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A lot about the riots in Egypt.  Start  with Philip Klein’s piece,  which has a link to a live feed.   John Tabin  reports that the government has blocked the Internet,  against Hillary’s wishes.

I don’t think His Oneness finally getting around to making a live statement makes moot the points  raised here by Charlie Szrom.

The Wall Street Journal has  a good view of the importance of the military,  which has largely avoided day-to-day politics,   something even more important now  that Mubarak has asked his Cabinet to resign so that he can appoint a new one this weekend.   Not to worry,  because VP Joe  Biden doesn’t think Mubarak is a dictator.   Never mind that people have already died.    TIME thinks the U.S. is paralyzed by the fear of Islamists.

I want to know if the “people” are rising up in Egypt and Tunisia,  or whether the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical groups,  who have now come out on the fourth day,  are going to take over.

The Telegraph is  now reporting that the American government has connections to some of the dissidents,  and makes a WikiLeaks connection.  The Sydney Morning Herald  says we’re just addicted to tyrants,  and events are moving too fast for His Oneness to cope with.    I don’t imagine anyone will find the answers from the Davos participants.   Concerns about the Suez Canal are sending oil prices up,  and that will affect us.

And you can now  add Jordan and  Albania to the volatile mix.

UPDATE:  And now Saudi Arabia.   Isn’t it odd that no one is claiming that Israel and the Jews are at fault because of their “occupation” of Palestine?

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January 29, 2011 at 9:51 am

Gore-bal warning…

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Have you noticed that whenever Al Gore goes to testify about his new religion, which has made him very wealthy, there’s an ice storm, or snow, or some definitively COLD weather event?

His streak continued in DC this week.  Ian Murray has a short piece on it:


Gore also wanted the stimulus bill in its entirety passed, apparently thinking his medical records will be safe.  They won’t — see here:


But I’m certain Gore agrees with the Davos participants that capitalism isn’t a very good thing, and the government should run things:


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January 29, 2009 at 10:36 pm