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Less than meets the eye…

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Big media is hysterical with glee at the news that Gen. Michael Flynn has entered a guilty plea in the Russia investigation.  Essentially he has admitted lying to the FBI,  NOT to any  other criminal activity whatsoever.  Flynn is guilty of a process crime,  not conspiracy or collusion, or anything else the special counsel was supposed to be investigating.   He got fired by the Trump White House  for the same thing.

This is probably as close as Mueller will come to admitting that,  whatever “collusion”  means,  there was  no evidence  of any actionable,  conspiratorial complicity by the  Trump campaign  in the Kremlin’s machinations,  despite having  spent $5 million  on it.   The Democrats are frantically trying to  conflate this  into “Trump’s guilty!!!!!”  Not even Democrat Leon Panetta  is buying  this crap.  In a few weeks,  you will discover that Mueller  has nothing.



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December 2, 2017 at 4:56 pm

Respectable JFK conspiracy theorists…

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Fifty years on,  the assassination of John F. Kennedy still stirs controversy,  as author Philip Shenon  points out.   Even someone who served as a staffer on the Warren Commission has developed doubts on the commission’s conclusions.

The D.C.-based Assassinations Archive and Research Center  has filed a  Freedom of Information Act request with the National Archives and Records Administration,  and is holding a conference on the assassination.

What do I think?   Well,  the mob had motive to kill Bobby Kennedy,  who has happily accepted their help on certain things and then broke his word that he wouldn’t come after them.   But the mob had plenty of competent killers in its ranks.   Why would it use a sad sack like Oswald?   Fidel Castro certainly had no fondness for the Kennedy family,  and I suppose he could have offered asylum to Oswald in exchange for killing Kennedy,  calculating it would cost Cuba nothing.   Bottom line is that I don’t know,  but I surely would like to see all those papers NARA is refusing to release.   Wouldn’t you?   I think I’ll have to settle for reading Jerome Corsi’s new book,  “Who Really Killed Kennedy?”

UPDATE:  Some  news from  the Assassinations Archive and Research Center conference.

UPDATE:  Authors of two studies  claim evidence  of multiple gunmen.

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September 27, 2014 at 11:50 pm