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Some Xmas leftovers…

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Democratic lawmakers and their media pals slammed Pres. Trump for the large size  of the White House Christmas card they received as gifts last year,  but the Trump card’s size means one cannot overlook the message of “Merry Christmas”  which was generally absent from the Obamas’ seasonal greetings,  and when present,  was accorded no elevated status.  The  video by  the Trumps wishing all the world a merry Christmas and peace no doubt helped fuel the left’s  response is   of creating Trump resistance holiday cards, or to promote Planned Parenthood or whatever other anti-Christian, anti-joyous occasion they can conjure up.

Christmas has a  long tradition  here,  much of it without such criticism,  and many of the decorations  hold hidden  meanings,  including the famous Coca-Cola  polar bears  from their Christmas advertising.   I’m still walking around humming Christmas carols,  so I’m  including this  link.


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January 2, 2018 at 3:39 pm

Some Christmas music….

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A group of veterans owns and  operates the Black Rifle Coffee Company.   I haven’t had the opportunity to try their coffee,  their  take on  playing Christmas carols is outstanding!



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December 26, 2017 at 4:31 pm

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Merry Trump Christmas…

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Pres. Trump upset the press corps by leaving the White House unannounced.   He was going to visit  our wounded  warriors,  having finished with the official  Christmas portrait  and such.    You may not have any military personnel to visit,  either in your neighborhood or at a nearby VA hospital,  but at least you can  think of them  and the sacrifices they make for your benefit.   POTUS held  a video  conference.   I would have just stayed in the deliciously decorated Red Room and probably eaten my weight in goodies.   But one day I’d like to participate  with Wreaths Across America.

Not to worry — Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue has already issued all the  necessary permits  for Santa’s worldwide journey.   You can  see here  the travel scramble,  and you can zero in on Santa’s progress   with this tracker.   Never  mind the Canadian  government’s stupidity.   We shall see if the  forecasters anywhere  get this one right.

My home is nowhere nearly  as glamorous  as the White House,  and I’m certainly no model figure like the First Lady,  but I’m a great fan of the Christmas spirit,  and I certainly understand the pull of  one’s home during the holidays.   I do not appreciate the  Left removing  Christ from Christmas,  and I am most curious as to whether  the bones  of a saint currently being examined in Italy are those belonging to a man whose name has been given to Santa Claus.   Unlike  these pets,  I will neither protest the season nor destroy its trappings!

I learned about Christmas the easy way,   not like  Michael Mackinnon.  And while my own display of lights is pretty well limited to battery-powered LED candles in the font windows,  I certainly appreciate those who  lights are  far more lush during this holiday.  I am grateful to Eric Owens for his crisp dismantling of the  fake holiday  of Kwanzaa,  created in 1966 by a violent,  radical black nationalist.   I don’t mind poking fun at liberals,  so Kurt Schlichter’s  comments amuse  me.  I love the Christmas shoutout  I received from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu,  and I like Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas  message inspiring  and quite personal for a British  monarch.




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December 25, 2017 at 3:19 pm

First come the grinches…

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The President  promised to  wish us a  ‘Merry Christmas‘  instead of the dreary,  politically correct ‘Happy Holidays’  and he  has done  so.   The First Lady helped by returning the White House decorations to more classic themes  and  some true  elegance.  The media,  easily frightened children that they are,  were  terrified of  the decorations and of the woman one visiting child said looked like an angel.   Democrats were equally upset  and created some additional reasons to justify their viciousness and utter lack of class and taste.  The Vice President’s residence is  also decorated  in a lovely,  traditional style.

So-called higher education is  not immune  from the tasteless sickness, either.   An Oregon atheist is  complaining that  a Christmas banner is an assault on him as well as a violation of the separation of church and state.  There are so many porch thieves stealing packages from people’s homes, that a Tacoma, WA man  has invented  a very noisy but quite harmless means of scaring the would-be thieves off.   It’s a clever contraption, but I have BG,  a quite large dog with a very loud bark and a high level of attentiveness.   I don’t worry about anybody being brave or stupid enough to steal anything off my property, though I do have a bit of trouble when one of my mail carriers who is terrified of canids has a package to leave.

Here is  the first thing  you’ll see when you enter the White House.  you’ll have to go further to find the  amusing troll  of Obama hidden in the decorations.

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December 24, 2017 at 3:45 pm

Merry jihadi Christmas…

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This explains  what is wrong with Europe.   Sweden has put holiday greenery atop concrete K-Rail barriers,  positioned around local holiday markets to stop terrorist attacks by vehicles.   For me,  this reads as an acknowledgement and acceptance of the fact that there will be a holiday  terrorist attack and the authorities will not be able to stop it.   Citizens will just have to adjust to what Barack Obama called the new normal,  because their politically correct governments will not do what is necessary to protect them from Islamic terrorists.

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November 27, 2017 at 3:16 pm

Christmas pondering, 2015…

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Is this  what Jesus looked like?   We don’t know,  of course,  but a British anatomical artist has taken a reasoned shot at figuring it out.   Jerry Newcombe tries to figure out if Christmas has all the  pagan roots  it is reported to have.   As Kevin Williamson points out,  the  real story  is a very strange tale.   George Weigel looks at  a larger  picture.

Artsy.net examines  Nativity scenes  in art through the years.

How would you like to spend 74 years being asked about  a letter  you wrote as a child?   Virginia O’Hanlon was.   If you’re a fan of the movie  “It’s a Wonderful Life”,  you’ll be interested in the  real man  the character George Bailey is based upon.

Compare this year’s  Christmas address  of His Oneness with  one by Ronald Reagan.   Shocking difference,  isn’t there?

What if Charles Dickens were a Trekkie?   A  stage production  of  “A Klingon Christmas Carol”,  presented in the made-up Klingon language, attempts to answer this question.   You can also  acquire Star  Wars cards for the Christmas season if you’re so inclined.

Back to more serious matters,  Victor Davis Hanson urges us to revive the tradition  of gratitude,  which Cicero viewed as the parent of all other virtues.

Kevin Williamson reminds us that capitalism is the true provider of gifts,   and that  government is  not Santa Claus.

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December 30, 2015 at 10:16 am

Santa Bush, Scrooge Obama…

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For the eight years of his presidency,  the family of George W. Bush never went further than Camp David during the Christmas season,  until the day AFTER Christmas,  thereby allowing Secret Service,  White House staff,  journalists,  and others to spend Christmas Day with their families.

Every year the Obama family jets off to Hawaii well before Christmas,  so Christmas with family and friends is out for many of those people.  The Obamas feel so entitled that they need not be considerate of others,  which is why they are so often late for events.   The Bush family was rarely late for anything at all,  and this is but one example of the consideration  they showed for the people whose lives were affected by their travels.

Class does indeed tell,  and if historians are truthful,  the Obama Administration will be known as one of power and cunning and ruthlessness and corruption,  but utterly bereft of class.

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December 26, 2015 at 11:34 pm