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Easter 2018, II…

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This is no less sincere for being late,  but I didn’t want to rush this.   Please start with  links from  National Review,  then enjoy Pres. Trump’s  Easter message,  a far cry from any of Obama’s. Christians began with  the observance  of Good Friday,  the religious significance of  which apparently escaped  NBC’s Chuck  Todd.   He most certainly fails to comprehend what  “taking up the cross’  means,  and I wonder if he has ever contemplated the meaning of the  empty tomb.   For the first time in nearly a century,  Irish pubs  were able to open on Good Friday.

Pope Francis remembered his job in time to  celebrate mass  in St Peter’s Square,  which is an impressive and moving event even if you are not Catholic.   France is not nearly as Christian as it once was,  but the French police officer who took the place of the hostage last week,  and ultimately lost his life,  was  a believer.   His killer was of Moroccan descent and an Islamist.

There are  many reasons  to celebrate Easter and what it means.  Some Christians are content  to celebrate  without debating the reasoning behind it.   That’s fine  — if you live your life well,  mindful of Christian tenets,  you are doing well.   You are not required to go  this far  to prove that you believe.  If you are falling a bit short in the niceness department,  you can be pleased that the  Obamas no  longer occupy the White House,  or have as large a platform to amplify their anti-Christian views into actions.   Two words  will be enough for  all of  us.

Of course there is always an environmental skunk in the woodpile.  In this case it’s the University of Manchester in England warning us that foil-wrapped  Easter candies  ( nearly always chocolate and generally quite tasty) are bad for the environment.  An old Scotsman clearly doesn’t worry about the potential environmental disasters from the  106 year  old eggs  his family has.   I’d rather try the  newest candy  offerings.

First Lady Melania Trump  solicited eggs  from high school students in all 50 states instead of using professional designers from the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll,  at which some  30,000 guests  are expected.  The other skunk showed up in the form of CNN reporter Jim Acosta,  shouting questions  at Pres. Trump.

No one I know did this,  but I can understand why some parents couldn’t resist the fact that April Fool and Easter were on the  same day  this year.







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April 5, 2018 at 2:13 pm

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New Year 2018…

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The weather is nasty in much of the country,  including my corner of it,  so I plan to celebrate New Year’s at home in my sweats and warm slippers.   Assuming the power stays on despite the high demand for heat,  I may do some big-batch cooking.   I know I’ll be making dozens of trips to let BiG Girl in and out,  because she has a very thick winter coat and considers anything below freezing to be very comfortable weather.  In a decade I have never seen her actually behave as if she were cold.   Apparently if she becomes chilled,  she just runs up and down a fence line for a few minutes and then lies in the snow,  which melts on contact when she hits it

There is not enough money in the universe to send me to times Square for New Year’s Eve.   It was bad enough many years ago, but now I regard it as one of Dante’s rings  of Hell  to which I would not subject myself.

There are  plenty of  other ways to reflect on the end of 2017,  thoughtfully listed by the Corner’s Debby Witt.   There are also  many other  New Year’s traditions.   Now I don’t personally know people who totally fit these profiles,  but there are some who come pretty close.   What about you?

Australia has already started the celebrations  with spectacular  fireworks displays,  as usual,  and I’ll add more as updates if I run across them.   There is a great shot of one of the  fireworks barges  blowing up accidentally — oops!

If you live in California,  I’m afraid Gov. Moonbeam and his progressive pack of fools are offering you only disaster,  no joy.   Have a look at these six laws  which go into effect in the state on New Year’s Day.   They are insane and a prime example of the jack-booted thuggery progressives display when they are in charge.   Is it any wonder California had the most UFO sightings  last year?

Whether you are a Trump supporter or Trump-hater,  you have to admire his thumping of the Democrats and the Obama economy in  year-end tweets.   The general public apparently  isn’t listening  to the Democratic doomsayers as closely as it once did….

UPDATE:  I forgot to include Debby Witt’s always entertaining collection of links  involving the day.

Watch out tonight for a the  largest full  moon of 2018.








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January 1, 2018 at 2:19 pm

2015 fireworks across the globe…

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Pikes Peak did its  usual lively  job.  London limited the crowd to 100,000,  and gave them  a marvelous  display.   Munich and other cities also spent some  serious cash  on their festivities.   Fireworks,  cheering,  and champagne were  in evidence  everywhere.

Dubai  and  Sydney  presented two of the most spectacular events.   I think  much of  the globe was happy to see 2014 recede into the past.




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January 2, 2015 at 12:41 am

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Riding the marches…

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If you have Scottish ancestry,  or if you’ve heard the phrase above and wondered what it meant,  you’ll find this of  interest.

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June 11, 2013 at 10:36 pm

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