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Microsoft dumps gun emoji…

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In April of last year Microsoft followed Google,  Facebook and Apple in ditching its hand gun emoji,  to be replaced by a wimpy water gun version.   This link has  a chart  of the changes.

I mention this now because the Democrats who control the House are desperate to eviscerate both the First and Second Amendments  They don’t wish to be bothered with any competing ideas through free speech.  If they were not intending to do to us things for which the only proper response would be our use of firearms,  they would not be so determined to rob us of the right to protect ourselves.  Progressives would welcome another school shooting so they could have an excuse to call for more gun control.   They will not acknowledge the studies which show that armed citizens stop hundreds of thousand of crimes each year, preferring to believe that if you want to have a gun, you must be an evil criminal.  They never admit to living behind gates and walls and layers of armed security themselves.

It is up to you to demand that your Congress critters strike down the multitude of attempts to kill the first two parts of the Bill of Rights,  the document the Founders devised to enable us to protect ourselves and our country against those who would destroy it.  You have been warned — now get off your asses and start calling and writing!



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February 4, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Are millennials dumb, or what?

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I realize the U.S. education system is mostly progressive indoctrination and a little education, but I have explained the  Bill  of Rights   to an eight-year-old and he gets it.   We’re halfway through the Constitution, and he seems to grasp it quite well.   What the hell is wrong with these unthinking slugs?   People whose first language is not English manage daily to catch on to the meaning of our most important documents.



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August 9, 2018 at 2:56 pm

Constitution Day 2016…

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Yesterday was Constitution Day,  an event which received scant attention in the media.  Part of the problem is that His Oneness routinely ignores our Constitution.  I learned nearly everything I needed to know about Barack Obama when he ran for President and called this amazing document a  “charter of negative liberties”  which constrained the government.   His behavior for the last seven years has proven that he has a  poor grasp  of the instrument he disparages.

Contrast this with Nathan Bond,  a ten-year-old  who recites  the Constitution from memory.   Since he is home-schooled,  I’m betting that he actually understands it as well.   One might think that students at prestigious Georgetown University would grasp the concept of our founding document.   One would  be dead  wrong.   They are taught mostly by liberal and progressive professors and activists who find the U.S. Constitution just as inconvenient as His Oneness does,  but what the hell are their parents doing?   I realize it has been decades since actual U.S. history was taught in our woeful public education system,  but did their parents teach them nothing?   Apparently not.

As a result,  the two documents which secure our freedoms  are under  dire threat,  as much from Congress as the President these days.  Free speech is routinely promoted for anti-American activists,  and systematically denied to ordinary people with traditional values and cultural understanding.   The first job of tyrants is to silence opposition.   The second is to render citizens powerless,  beginning with disarming them.   A successful tyrant does not tolerate subjects who have the means to fight back.

Anti-gunners are fond of using Great Britain’s gun ban and Australia’s confiscation as great success stories.   They  weren’t,  according to some detailed studies.  By the way,  the Australian program is always described as a buy-back program,  but it was mandatory,  not voluntary,  so that is the first lie you hear.   The kicker is that because enforcement of the law was relaxed,  the number of firearms is  now greater  than before the confiscation.  Even the most anti-gun groups know that few Americans would  voluntarily surrender  their firearms,  which is why they seek to have the government do their dirty work for them.   All the politicians who promote gun control under the guise of gun safety enjoy the protection of armed personnel;  hence the hysteria when Donald trump suggested Hillary disarm her Secret Service detail.   A woman who has not driven a car in three decades,  or done much else besides enrich herself with other people’s money,  is neither willing nor able to protect herself.

How  much of our Constitution and Bill of Rights will remain if Hillary gets back into the White House?   Very little,  I assure you.   Now the question is:  do you understand these documents well enough to defend them?   Aaron Larson has created a  simplified version  which is very easy to grasp and explain.   A slightly more scholarly version  is here.

Please educate yourself,  then others,  if you want to have a country which you can still recognize.   Our Founding Fathers are greatly disparaged these days,  but that group of men pledged their lives,  fortunes,  and sacred honor when they affixed their signatures.   They knew exactly the risk they took in doing so,  but they regarded the potentially fatal costs of their actions as being justified by the promise of liberty and self-governance.





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September 18, 2016 at 11:57 pm

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No sense of history…

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You’d think Pennsylvania in general,  and Silver Spring Township in particular would cherish the small gray stone house where the Bill of Rights was first proposed.   So what if the two-story tavern was most recently the site of Stone House Auto Sales.

The current owner legally obtained a permit for demolition,  and the building was partially destroyed before its historic value was brought to the attention of the Township.   Like Thomas Lifson,  I would be happy to donate money to rebuild and preserve this important piece of history.   I have emailed the Cumberland County Historical Society and told them so. If you’d care to,  here is the link to the society  —  http://www.historicalsociety.com/Template5.html



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January 21, 2016 at 10:05 am

Bill of Rights day…

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I forgot to post something on Tuesday,  Bill of Rights Day, but Brian Doherty at Reason has saved me  the trouble.    I wish I could say I disagree.   I can’t.

What are you prepared to do to defend the Constitution and your individual rights?

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December 16, 2009 at 4:24 am