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Let’s play!

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The dog is  enjoying the  play much more than the baby elephant,  but it’s still amusing to watch.   One of the dogs from my childhood would play tag with a wild fox on cool fall mornings,  and they both seemed to take pleasure from the game.   Let’s face it — most dogs love to chase and be chased.

Big Girl likes nothing better on these frosty mornings than to chase me around the back yard,  growling and snarling as if she were going to eat me if she caught me,  but she has her mouth open in a grin and her feathery tail is curled up high and wagging gently so I can be certain it’s all pretend.   Some days she will fetch a ball for me to throw,  but mostly she won’t, preferring the game she has created for me to share.   What a joy a truly happy canine is!


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November 29, 2014 at 10:14 am

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National Review Online has  a symposium of predictions for 2011.   Brad O’Leary  just wants AG Eric Holder to resign.   Tom Korologos offers  some predictions at Politico.


Rep. Henry Waxman,  one of Nancy Pelosi’s chief allies and  man who always makes me think of a pig,  foresees more rancor in politics  — gee,  ya think?   Of course,  it will mostly be on the part of Democrats,  as it generally is.   Politico offers the 10 worst political decisions.

The Boston Phoenix makes  some political prognostications.  Jim Antle bravely  —  and amusingly  —  points out some that he got wrong last year.  The Center for American Progress insists that Washington  won’t determine the success of His Oneness in 2011.

The WaPo has a  list of what’s in and what’s out for the new year.   It struck me as rather strange.   The Washington Times made more sense with its  likely and not so likely  news of 2011.   Peggy Noonan has  a sweet piece on  the origins of  “Auld Lang Syne”,  our unofficial New Year’s song and seldom heard at any other time.

Michael Ramirez has a  year-end cartoon which ties neatly into my title of the god who looks both back and forward.   Here’s one that’s rather  more hopeful.

I’m cooking black-eyed peas and turnip greens and ham for New Years,  keeping up the old Southern traditions.  Throw in some fresh cornbread and it’s a tasty meal any time of year.  But the slow cooking lets me watch the Rose Bowl Parade and clear away Christmas and start on my next box of items for the Salvation Army,  one of the few charities worth its salt in my book.

It looks like rain,  so Big Girl and I probably won’t be outside much — for a beast who’s half Great Pyrenees,   she sure hates getting her head wet.   She’s not much help inside,  having to inspect every item which is moved from one spot to another,  but if any of them dare transmogrify into sabre-toothed tigers,  I’ll be very well protected.

Happy New Year to all,  and may 2011 be more prosperous and fulfilling for all of us and those who matter to us.

Christmas leftovers…

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A soldier  finds a way to be home for his sister’s birthday.

You must check out “Jihad Bells”,  the  latest satire from Israeli group Latma.

And what some U.S. troops  were doing Christmas day.

Or how some  customers gave a waitress quite a tip.

$100 a barrel oil is what the Middle East wants to give us for Christmas.   The Obama Administration is giving us the death panels which were stripped out of ObamaCare.

A   most unusual photo of a cloud formation.

If  you have a winter cold,  reach for  the chocolate — no,  really.   Or you  could be a Secret Santa.   I’ve done this before,  generally for someone in a military uniform,  and it’s a fun thing to do.

Or remember the famous  one-word reply of the U.S. troops surrounded by the Germans in 1944.

Columbia,  SC had its  first white Christmas since 1887,  Atlanta,  GA  its  first since 1882.   Those cities can be forgiven with having problems during snow events,  but Moscow?

Finish with  a helping of rocker Ted Nugent.

It has snowed much of the day where I am,  but it melts the instant it touches the ground.  But it’s quite cold and the morning rush hour may have to deal with some ice.   Still,  it’s very pretty to watch from inside the house,  even though Big Girl doesn’t like having her head wet.   Now that the snow has ceased,  she’s lying outside on the patio,  alert to any potential marauders.

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December 27, 2010 at 8:19 am

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Fall back!

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It’s time to set your clocks back   1 hour.   An insect hunter is the man responsible for this semiannual event.    Meanwhile,  Russia is  contemplating doing away with the system.   If you have an iPhone, you have a problem,  but  this claims to provide a temporary fix.

I never remember how many timekeeping mechanisms I have until it’s time to do this.   I have a feeling that Big Girl won’t adjust to the change as easily as my Border Collie did,  and I already know she isn’t nearly as polite about things as he was.   Courtesy of some Great Pyrenees genes,   G is about as sensitive and delicate as a concrete block,  and at just shy of 100 pounds,  as solidly built.    But she’s a heck of a guard dog,  utterly fearless,  and anyone who gets down on the floor with her is liable to have a lap full of dog looking to cuddle the way a puppy does.   Unless she’s outside enjoying the cooler weather and the wonderful mysteries the winds bring.

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November 6, 2010 at 11:53 pm

Tail-waggin’ feel good…

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If you like to watch supremely happy dogs doing clever things on command,  this video is for you.   I especially enjoyed it because I have owned a Border Collie,  and Big Girl is half Golden Retriever,  though the Great Pyrenees half seems to be dominant with regard to size and temperament.

As Jonah says,  if there was no editing,  it’s remarkable training.

This is what BG looks like — 90 pounds of unbridled exuberance.

The Big Girl

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September 22, 2010 at 6:47 pm

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Big Girl is a bad dog…

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Well, I’ve had the Big Girl for 2 weeks now:  so far the damage is a roll of toilet paper,  a faucet cover,  one of my favorite walking shoes,  a bedroom slipper,  a box of tissues.  part of a paper towel, and the corners of several cardboard boxes.

She knows she’s doing wrong, so she sneaks off with the victims to a quiet spot and chews them to bits.  She has a huge shank bone and a tennis ball outside, and a beef knuckle bone and a hard rubber treat puzzle inside, but she still wants to chew on other things.

On the plus side,  she craves human attention,  loves being petted,  is very sweet,  and nothing can get close to the house without her not only noticing,  but also alerting.   She mostly ignores my large bird population,  but she positively loathes squirrels.   She  must have gotten sick from trying to eat a frog before,  because she sniffs at them but leaves them alone.   Moths get no such respect.   Big Girl is like a child — everything goes into her mouth.

Try to imagine a 70 pound puppy  — that’s pretty much Big Girl,  exasperating but lovable.   She will be a very fine companion and protector,  but it will take all the patience I can muster.   I had forgotten how helpful established dogs were in helping bring up new arrivals to proper standards.   I won’t forget again!   Big Girl will have company in the not-too-distant future.

I’m up early because thunderstorms rattled me out of bed,  along with the plaintive beeping of my UPS system telling me power had been interrupted,  not an infrequent sound way out in the country.

Big Girl’s next adventure wil  be helping me plant tomatoes and peppers.   That should be very interesting…..

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April 24, 2010 at 10:02 am

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