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You’re 36 and…

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…your parents were  still paying  for your cell phone?   And you call 911 repeatedly because you think it’s an emergency?   Words fail me…


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February 18, 2020 at 1:40 pm

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16 years…

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That is how long it has been since the 9/11 terrorist attack on our country,  and yet many of us are still blind,  dumb,  and deaf when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

Daniel Greenfield,  a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, learned everything he  needed to know about Islam on that dreadful day, because he was one of those bewildered,  shocked people walking away from the devastation in Manhattan.    

But Greenfield has earned.  Many of us have not.   Many of us believe the Lefist tripe that identifying terrorists by the religion which drives them is racist or Islamophobic,  or somehow just wrong.   It has been deemed politically incorrect,  of course,  almost as unforgivable as not protesting against statues of Robert E. Lee or not supporting the “right” of illegal aliens to stay in the U.S.

It will not surprise you to know that I have zero patience with these views. Few of the people who proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace know a damned thing about it.  They have not read a true translation of the Koran.  They probably have not even visited the website of MEMRI,  an organization which does the heavy lifting when it comes to pointing out the differences between what those in the Middle East say for the benefit of Western viewers and what they say for local consumption.

Barack Obama would shrug at each new attack,  loose another volley of meaningless speech,  then go play golf.   It became the new normal to have attacks take place on American soil by Islamists we allowed to come here, or who were born here because progressives and Leftists had no intention of dealing with the problem and never will,  deeming it perfectly acceptable to have dozens of their fellow citizens injured and killed by their refusal to bestir themselves.   The only proper response to Islamic terrorism is to make it so expensive that no one is willing to engage in it,  and the most efficient way to do that is to kill its practioners whereever you find them.   Pres. Trump has turned our  military loose to do exactly that,  something His Oneness would never ever do.   Trump has declared today  Patriot Day.   Be one.

UDATE:  You must read Brigitte Gabriel’s observations on 9/11,  here,  and those of Jed Babbin,  which  are here.

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September 11, 2017 at 1:19 pm

9/11 in 2016…

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Let’s begin with the  most uninspiring,  insipid message imaginable from His Oneness,  a man who has done far more to divide the nation than all the terrorists combined.   Indeed,  my observation is that one reason progressives hate mentioning terrorism is that it unites the country,  while they depend on dividing it to maintain power.   Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz have written an  op-ed blasting  Obama for his multitude of failures concerning terrorism.   The next president will have a herculean task  in undoing  such disastrous policies.   The list of what the nation  failed to learn  from the 9/11 attacks is long,  but we have learned a  few things.

As Gen. Jack Keane points out,  most of us  went on  with our lives after the attack.   The real cause for concern is that official government policy is now  willful blindness  to the threat of Islamist terrorism.   This attitude reflects an astounding ignorance of both history and ideology,  since 9/11 was  far from  the first attack on America by Muslims.   In keeping with progressive ideals,  the public education system seems determined to teach students  to either ignore the attack,  or accept that America itself,  and we Americans,  are to blame.

Whatever your view of President George W. Bush,  he understood the threat and took steps to neutralize it.   I imagine being aboard the only plane in the sky  that day concentrated his mind fiercely,  as the handwritten notes  from his press secretary,  Ari Fleischer,  show.   Watching the horror in real time no doubt  produced a  similar effect.

The Weekly Standard’s  piece from  September 24,  2011,  is a poignant reminder of what fifteen years ago looked and felt like.   As the former head of the EPA admits,  the government’s  own scientists  were badly mistaken about the air quality at Ground Zero,  and people have died because of it.   I didn’t believe the rosy reports at the time,  but I had logic and a knowledge of the real world on my side.   Why would anyone now believe government scientists on anything else,  such as global warming?

People who comprehend the  threat worry  about another one.   New York increased security  as the anniversary approached.   As Melissa Clouthier aptly notes,  things have changed,  but  where do  we go from here?   The answer depends on who our next president is,  and on what We the People are willing to do about it.   Some people will turn to  the power  of prayer.  Others,  like Hillsdale College,  will hold a  patriotic remembrance.    The National September 11 Memorial Museum’s goal is  to gather  every face and weave them into the overwhelming tapestry of grief,  loss,  life and joy on display in the memorial gallery.   A few lucky amateur photographers will capture spectacular shots  such as this.

What will you do?





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September 11, 2016 at 8:36 pm

Ground Zero ghosts?

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This is  spooky,  but considering the horror and carnage which took place there on 9/11,   I would be more surprised if nothing showed up.    Most people are unwilling to express any belief in ghostly happenings,  but I’m not one of them.   I believe some places hold such strong pools of emotion from events that all sorts of strange things go on.   Many battlefields present ghostly figures,  sounds of war,  and palpable airs of sadness or fear.   I have met people who have seen Union and Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg,  and felt myself the weight of sorrow which permeates Scotland’s Culloden Battlefield.   Decide for yourselves.



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March 4, 2016 at 11:48 pm

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9/11 after 13 years…

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If you don’t remember  this Budweiser  ad,  shown only once during the 2002 Super Bowl,  remind yourself.   If you don’t think you’ll make it to the memorial museum,  here’s a look at some of   the art  in its collection.   There are  other sorts  of treasures not at the museum.

Do you remember the  two combat pilots  in the air on 9/11 who were essentially given a suicide mission and went anyway?   Other heroes  brought down  another plane at the cost of their own lives.   There were other  brave souls  as well.

Did you turn away from the few scenes American TV showed of  Muslims celebrating  the terrorist act?   Then it’s past time for you to realize that 9/11 was  about Islam,  whether His Oneness is willing to admit it or not.   Islamic terror is  more like  13 centuries old,  not 13 years.   Are we  safer now  than we were September 10,  2001?   In some respects,  we probably are.   In others,  not so much.   Norman Ornstein brings up the matter of presidential succession.

There are still  9/11 truthers  around,  interfering with any discussion of government incompetence by accusations of malevolence.   Some of them  work for big-name media.

His Oneness has changed a day of remembrance into a  day of service,  lest We the People attach an unhealthy interpretation and importance to it,  but  I doubt that stuffing backpacks for a group  named KaBoom!  provided the best optics available.

The rest of us have a  duty to remember.   The Obama Administration  isn’t helping.













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September 13, 2014 at 10:24 am

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9/11 unremembered…

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George Washington University is supposed to be a pretty good college,  but it evidently does a  poor job  of teaching history and current events.  While 29 out of 30 students could name at least one celebrity in the nude photo hacking scandal,  only 6 recognized this week as the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on America.

Hello,  parents!   Do you think you are receiving good value from the more than $48,000 you pay in tuition every year for your child?

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September 11, 2014 at 11:47 pm

9/11 in the rear-view mirror…

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The Million Muslim March was a  complete bust,  with only a handful of participants, equaled by a group of Christians nearby.   The bikers  did far  better,  apparently getting  about half  of their goal,  and unlike the victims whining victimhood,  they were  about remembrance  and sacrifice,  and the ordinary people who  stepped up  that day.

Debra Burlingame,  sister of hero pilot Chic Burlingame,  went from  liberal to conservative.   She has found peace on a different path  than one  of the eyewitnesses.    Esquire magazine cared so little that it  botched its  coverage with a grotesquely misplaced caption.   The Massachusetts Port Authority cared so little that it conducted an  unannounced fire drill  at Logan Airport, where two of the hijacked planes departed from. Logan.

Since we have former congressman Ron Paul  blaming 9/11   on U.S. foreign policy,  it seems that former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is correct to  question whether  we have learned the proper lessons from 9/11.   David French  certainly  thinks not,  and the federal  government has  not.   We are  still a target  for terrorists,  though whether Capitol Hill is or was is still  a matter  of dispute.    There are still  things to  be discovered.   If you can bear an informative look back,  check out National Review’s  archives.





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September 12, 2013 at 11:46 pm

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