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Despair not!

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You can now order your Girl Scout  cookies online  for home delivery!  i have avoided them for years,  delicious though they are,  because of my screwy blood sugar,  but I may succumb to a box or two of thin mints for myself while ordering boxes for law enforcement and First Responders and medical staffs.  I must confess the Girl Scouts have become far too liberal for me.  They teach a whole range of things not in their original purview.  I was a Brownie Scout for a year or 2,  but I found what the Boy Scouts did much more interesting than the very useful home skills and crafts the Brownies focused on.  In fact I do have a BSA badge for journalism.  But the Girl Scouts still do some good work, and I have no objection to people supporting them by purchasing their truly tasty treats.

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March 31, 2020 at 1:28 pm

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