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Wonder from home…

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That’s the tagline to  a message  from the founders of Atlas Obscura,  one of my favorite quirky websites.   It is a fascinating mix of history,  culture,  quaintness,  and astonishing oddness.  This issue offers a virtual tour of museums, saving the seagrass, Japanese wind telephone,  caves from folklore,  oddities at the Smithsonian.   Modern technology makes it possible to travel while still lounging on your couch in your PJs.   At least check it out.

Dennis Prager also offers some  timely advice  about living and growing  under the current restrictions.  There are things we can use the time for and attitudes we should adopt for the future.

And listen to Michael Levitt,  a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist,  who began analyzing the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide in January and correctly calculated that China would get through the worst of its coronavirus outbreak long before many health experts had predicted.   He sees similar  better outcomes  for the USA.   I recommend you do the same.

You should also remember that testing positive for COVID-19 doesn’t equal a death sentence.   If you don’t have symptoms,  let those who are elderly or have existing health problems go first.  If the testing protocol works like most do,  it tests for antibodies in the blood.  That means you can test positive without ever having had a single symptom.  Many people are exposed to seasonal flu and their immune systems produce the necessary antibodies and prevent them from feeling ill.   This new little monster works the same way,  so  yeah,  wash your hands,  take reasonable precautions,  but don’t let the fact-less presentations of the media panic you.   Yes,  many of us  may have  the virus,  but the number exposed isn’t the only thing which matters.





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March 25, 2020 at 1:38 pm