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That was a pig…

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…cruising by your window.   Do I think Rep. Ilhan Omar was  sincere in   her praise of Trump for his handling of this health chaos?   Of course not.  Ditto for  CNN’s obnoxious  Dana Bash,  and all the rest of the progressives and media who have been trying to use the virus as a means to take down Trump.    The Left wants to socialize everything –  money to workers,  voting  by mail  so they never lose another election,  ceding control of individual rights and actions to government at all levels.   If one controls the healthcare system,  one controls  the population.   That proposition holds true for  other things  as well.   The language of the proposals for aid keep changing,  but all of it puts me too much in mind of FDR,  whose  efforts actually increased and extended the wartime economic misery he sought to end.

Many believe the  media overhyped  the disease.   Well, of course it did.   Why would you expect them to pass up an opportunity to destroy Trump and stay in lockstep with a Democrat Party which has such disdain and contempt for America and Americans that it is trying to make a mentally incompetent man President?

The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have put  their incompetence   on full display.   CDC is infected with Deep Staters and  lied to  the White House about testing.   The WHO  claimed in  January the virus couldn’t be transmitted to humans,  because the Chinese said so.   Taiwan  warned the  WHO last December,  but were ignored.   Our First Lady’s  message is,  in extreme contrast,  reassuring and uplifting.

Be aware that ordinary,  seasonal flu  has killed  some 123,000 people already.   The 3.4% mortality rate for COVID-19  estimated by the WHO was never a reliable number.   1% will  likely prove  to be the average,  which coincidentally, is the rate for seasonal flu.   And the best news is that  a trio  of international studies show that Chloroquine with Azithromycin has 100% success rate in only six days treating COVID-19.   And there is  another drug  proving effective.  For the future,  there are a bunch  of vaccines  in development.








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March 21, 2020 at 1:39 pm