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Proper responses…

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I doff my hat to the owner of an amusement arcade in England,  who has removed  the toys  from the claw machines and replaced them with toilet paper,  hand sanitizer and other sanitary necessities.   His creativity and sense of humor are to be admired,  enjoyed,  and emulated.   The Italians are basically in lockdown,  but they are filling their neighborhoods  with song,  either all as a chorus,  or balcony to balcony,  with voices and with instruments.   It’s so…..Italian,  isn’t it?   Be  inspired by  it.   We can’t all sing or work a musical instrument,  but you can play your favorite tunes as a calmative or a simple bright spot in an otherwise dreary time.   There are ways to stay together even when you must be apart.   Even at a  WalMart stripped  of toilet paper.

And the finest response on coronavirus is from a California garbageman, who  sees the  situation as serious,  but not insurmountable.  We should all aspire to his courage and steadfastness.   It is a measured,  adult example of thoughtfulness and consideration.  It also brings to mind that we should value garbagemen as greatly as we do philosophers,  a  la John  Gardner.   Ready?


Written by timeforthorns

March 16, 2020 at 1:38 pm