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Ice houses…

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No,  I don’t mean the commercial establishments where the public used to go to purchase blocks of ice.   These are houses  completely encased  in ice,  courtesy of two days of vicious gale-force winds off Lake Erie that pretty much encased the lake shore area of Hamburg.  That’s around nine miles south of Buffalo, NY.   One of my young cousins opined that it looked like the movie “Frozen”,  which I have thus far escaped viewing.

I knew the lake could produce mountains of foam and ice blocks which crushed everything in front of them,  but I don’t recall seeing lake water being hurled ashore in such quantities and freezing so thick that some homeowners were trapped.  If my insurance company held the coverage on these structures I’d be curled up in a corner with a bottle of Scotch about now,  calculating if I had laid eough off on Lloyd’s of London.

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March 3, 2020 at 1:35 pm

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