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Our socialist mistress…

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Are you aware that both Bernie Sanders and AOC claim to be Democratic Socialists?  If so,  thank you for paying attention to two of the most dangerous Congressional critters in existence.   If you have been watching and listening,  you don’t agree with her that the Democratic Party  is a  center-conservative party.

Here are  some things  Bernie believes.   Note that he doesn’t appear to grasp that the government itself depends on the monies it takes by force from individuals.   It has little ability to generate income.  Where do you imagine the federal government will get the money it needs for free college education for all?   Not a small point to ponder…

What’s the difference between socialism and democratic socialism?  That depends entirely on who answers the question.   It also requires a total willingness to lie, together with a lack of common sense and little knowledge.  Sanders and AOC certainly exemplify the adherents of one of the more poisonous isms.   Both like the plan because they believe they will be in charge and will therefore be unstoppable.   Large and in charge,  I think the saying goes.  Like Antifa, they are the opposite of what they claim to be.   They operate under very similar principles.

But I am indebted to AOC for warning the public just how far left she is and that she and her colleagues have no desire to help ordinary Americans.

UPDATE:  And AOC  proved it  at a rally yesterday, because if you have power, you will control money.



Written by timeforthorns

January 21, 2020 at 1:11 pm