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New Year’s 2020

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I’ll be adding to this throughout the day as I run across items of interest.   We’ll start  with quotations,  some familiar,  some not.   How about the top  10 hoaxes  made viral by the media last year?    And try a small collection of get-Trump bloopers which  exploded in various faces.   Democrats are trying to  run against  this economy?

If you claim a drop of Scottish ancestry,  you have sung “Auld Lang Syne.”   Few of us  knew what  it meant or its history.

Have some  spectacular falls  from grace.   And  some spectacular  achievements.

UPDATE:  How could I have forgotten to check on the drunken antics of the folks at CNN,  which is becoming an annual display of lack of class,  character,  judgment, and ability to hold liquor or weed?   I prefer  some amusement  from the Power Line archive.   Even better, have some shots of  our stunning  First Lady in a dress so glittery it competed with the fireworks at Mar-a-Lago.

Will 2020 be the year of  the good  fight, as Joel B. Pollak forecasts?   Contrary to progressive memes,  the 2010s saw some  remarkable economic  achievements  —  study the numbers.

UPDATE:  John Fund reminds us to remember  the good  news this year will bring.   But we will undoubtedly have to live  with some  bad news as well.  We are all too fallible humans,  and there is much evil afoot.

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