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If you have nothing…

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…better to do than  scream at  a chicken sandwich,  please shut up and go home so the rest of us can eat in peace.    Apparently the latest round of invective against Chick-fil-A was incited by the fast-food chain Popeyes announcing it had added a new fried chicken sandwich to its menu.   One writer (I don’t regard Helen Rosner as a  journalist)  is very excited by America’s favorite  being put down by the appeal of Popeyes  “…as a chicken sandwich with less overt moral compromise.”

Silly me — I had no idea chicken sandwiches even had morals,  much less that they could be compromised.   I was,  however,  well ware that progressives would assign morals to a concrete block without hesitation to suit their purposes.

Written by timeforthorns

August 25, 2019 at 3:20 pm