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David Koch, R.I.P.

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The Left unsurprisingly  expressed joy  at the news of the libertarian billionaire’s death.   If you made a single comment a fraction as horrid as any of these, the Left would be after you with pitchforks.   I have never been a huge fan of the libertarian viewpoint,  but I do think it has some things right.  Isn’t it strange that the Left screams bloody murder about the money the Koch brothers expend on political and social causes,  but never utters a peep about George Soros spending billions to put the Secretaries of State and Attorneys Generals he desires in place at the state level?

The brothers also supported conservative causes when it dovetailed with their libertarian instincts,  which was far too often to suit progressives.   You have to remember that progressives think only they should have the money and power to remake America and enslave its people and neither of the Koch brothers chose to obey their opponents’ dictates.  The Left hates that both men have donated huge sums  to charities,  because private philanthropy takes power away from government.

Whatever else he was,  David Koch was a power  voice for  and promoter of liberty.



Written by timeforthorns

August 24, 2019 at 2:26 pm