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Make it permanent?

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I’m referring to Daylight Savings Time.  This year at least 36 states have introduced legislation to end or study the practice of switching back and forth.  Some favor all-year standard time,  but most want permanent DST because it provides  an extra hour  of sunlight for more of the year.

Back in the days when there were many more farmers,  the extra hour of light  made it possible for school children to help out in the fields.  You’d be arrested for child abuse in most places these days,  but in certain farming areas, children can still earn money by  performing what was once a family and/or community chore.   If you farmed in the Deep South, that extra hour of daylight meant you could eat and rest during the heat of the day,  then come back and finish your chores in slightly less sweltering circumstances.   If you’ve ever been to the South in August you know what a difference a few degrees can make.

On the other hand,  parents object to sending their children off to school in the darkness.   I understand their point of view,  but having grown up in the countryside,  I rode a county school bus to school.  It wasn’t always pleasant walking down a very long driveway to catch the bus,  but if the weather was really bad,  one of my parents would drive the six-tenths of a mile and wait until the bus appeared.  I must confess that I sometimes escaped the afternoon walk by hopping on one of our horses and riding it back to the pasture nearer the house.

I do think it would be useful to pick one time system or the other,  so that everyone always knows how it works.





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August 22, 2019 at 2:41 pm