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Fishing lure test…

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In sales,  the fishing lure test is not whether your lure will actually catch fish,  but whether it can entice you to purchase one.   Considering that SmithFly says  its  “Shoal Tent”  is currently sold out,  I’d say it has passed its first test.

Of course,  I have camped on dry land and slept on boats and ships, and done some canoeing and white-water rafting along the way.  A floating tent has never appeared in my wildest dreams.  I am certain it never will.   Given a choice,  I’d rather string a hammock between two trees and lounge under a warm blanket than sleep in a tent and keep an eye open for creepy-crawlies and slithery things and the occasional curious young predator who hasn’t learned about humans yet.  If I’m to sleep on the water,  I want an ocean liner or a big river boat with a captain and crew who are well-caffeinated and fully competent at their jobs.

I don’t see cats and dogs on a vinyl floaty which their claws would puncture within minutes.  My Labs and my Border Collie loved the water,  but my cats hated it.  Big Girl thought it was OK if it were frozen — ice would do,  but snow was much better.

So are you gonna get on the waiting list for the new Pet Rock?    I think the Twitter users have given the product its due.



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August 21, 2019 at 2:23 pm

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