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China shift…

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Democrats shriek that Trump’s trade stance is hurting America, not China.   But when an economy shifts from buying manufacturing material to  buying food,  there is a big problem.   China has long had tremendous difficulty feeding its people,  and the government knows it looks bad when it offs a few thousand starving peasants.

The reality is that China’s economy has been weakened,  and it cannot withstand the hits it is taking.   Yes,  it could call due all the U.S. debt it holds,  but Pres. Trump could simply refuse to pay and accuse them of market manipulation (which China is certainly guilty of) and wait them out at the various world courts.   Meanwhile,  its people go hungry,  and hungry people can become very dangerous ones.   China already loses a handful or so of bureaucrats and Communist Party officials every month when they go traipsing into the hinterlands to lay down the law.   It does not want to have to deal with open rebellion within its borders from ethnic Chinese — bad P.R.,  ya know.   It also does not want the African nations which usually supply its nearly insatiable appetite for manufacturing materials complaining that they are closing mines and facilities because China is broke.

Does Trump understand this?   Of course he does.   Do the Democrats?  Perhaps a dozen of their congress critters can cope with the evidence before them,  but most have trouble keeping a checkbook straight,   and they don’t even bother to try when it’s my money and yours.

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August 18, 2019 at 1:42 pm

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