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Leaving the Democrats…

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Let Anthony Keith  explain to you  why he can’t vote for Democrats.   Then ask yourself if you are voting as if you believe the lies his parents did,  or if the flames of liberty and common sense have burned the fog of deception away.

Every single Democratic presidential candidate thinks we should have open borders,  pay for the health care of illegal immigrants,  allow them to take away jobs from American citizens, and destroy the First and Second Amendments.  The Founders wrote down these individual inalienable rights to codify them, not to create them.  Progressives, which now means most Democrats, are well aware that they have always had to lie in the primaries to win.  They also know from Saul Alinsky that you must deceive,  misdirect,  exploit any crisis,  and destroy the first two amendments of the Bill of Rights to achieve power.  Every Democratic presidential candidate wants to shut up opposing viewpoints and disarm the citizenry so they can be turned from citizens into subjects

I quite frankly don’t mind if Hollywood releases “The Hunt” because it is an allegorical tale of what the elites like to envision themselves doing.  We deplorables stand in their way and should not be tolerated.  Unfortunately for them,  many of us not only own guns,  we also know how to use them and we accept the responsibilities which come with ownership of firearms.   Many of us reside in places where the nearest law enforcement is more than 20 miles and 20 minutes away.   We generally don’t wait for the police to arrive,  but promptly go help our friends and neighbors.  Only rarely does a civilian shoot the wrong person.   Most of us are much better shots than law enforcement because we practice and we take care of our weapons.

Anthony Keith is a wonderful Everyman.   His trials and tribulations have made him stronger and wiser.  He sees clearly and he is determined to protect his country.  Every Democrat claims to want to protect America and Americans,  but none of their proffered policies do anything but deprive you of your God-given liberties and diminish your country. and fatten their own pockets.   The people who want to rule over you are those who gathered around Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s home demanding somebody kill him.  He has protection.   What do you imagine they would do to you?

i always write or call the Left and tell them to go first.  Capitol Hill police should be disarmed immediately,  and no Congress critter or other federal employee may have armed protection of any sort at work or at home.  Their residences must all have signs showing which read “This is a gun-free zone.”  I have tried for many years to give one of them to anti-gunners and could never persuade anybody to take them.   Consider every upcoming election a broken-glass election.  Do your part to keep us free,  patriots!


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August 14, 2019 at 10:01 am

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