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Jeffrey Epstein…

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I heard of Epstein the first time around,  and wondered then what consortium of his rich and powerful friends had gotten him off the hook.   When I heard AG William Barr  had recused  himself this time,  I suspected something serious was coming down the pike.   I also began to wonder where Epstein’s  supposed fortune  came from.   I was pretty sure Bill Clinton  had lied  about his relationship with Epstein, but I still don’t believe that his  relationship with  the Clintons  was responsible for the path he took.

Now we have news that Epstein was  found dead  in his cell,  an apparent suicide.   This is a bit too convenient for my taste.   Were the sexual predators who availed themselves of the services offered afraid that this time real evidence was about to come out and damage their reputations or livelihoods?  Yes, the rich and powerful would indeed pay someone to kill a threat,   and Epstein seems to have represented a grave threat to a large number of people.   My main question now is:  does this stop the outing of anyone else?  Will the documents uncovered and seized vanish into a black hole, or will an alleged victim sue the estate in hopes of received monetary recompense, which would almost certainly include the release of some of the evidence.

Whatever happens next,  I wish no peace  in death for this very bad man.   And now the FBI has launched an investigation,  questioning the circumstances of Epstein’s death.   Perhaps they share my suspicions about his cardiac arrest in his cell.  especially since he was on suicide watch.

Leave it to Don Surber to  term the death  Arkancide.   People who play with the Clintons often pay for it in the most deadly currency,  don’t they?

Written by timeforthorns

August 10, 2019 at 3:18 pm